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Much of Middle Tennessee had enough snow Tuesday to warrant legitimate sledding. WPLN’s Tony Gonzalez caught up with families in Shelby Park and produced this audio postcard.

Snow has moved out of Middle Tennessee, but single-digit temperatures will turn most of the snow and sleet into ice Tuesday night, especially on the roads. Most school districts in Middle Tennessee have called another snow day but afternoon sunshine kick-started the melting of hillsides and may hinder Wednesday's sledding.


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Residents along Whites Creek in Bordeaux returned to their North Nashville homes Friday morning after evacuating overnight. The remnants of Hurricane Harvey dumped enough water locally to propel the creek into flood stage. The low-lying neighborhood has become accustomed to fleeing floodwaters.

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Updated 10:00 a.m.

Still have 2,700 people without power in Cumberland Electric's service area, mostly concentrated in Montgomery and Stewart counties.

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A forecaster with nearly total recall of Nashville's climate stats over half a century retired Tuesday from the National Weather Service office in Old Hickory.

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This summer, Tennessee has seen flooding in the northern part of the state and extreme drought in the South. Within the same week the U.S. Small Business Administration announced it was offering disaster loans for victims of both dry and wet conditions.

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It’s been a hot summer in Nashville. Not record-setting hot, but above average, and the area did tie an unusual record as of Thursday night.

Nashvile snow
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The snowfall slowed in Nashville around noon but there’s no end in sight for the treacherous road conditions.

first snowman Nashville
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For some Tennessee families, waking up to the fluffy, packable snow was a welcome sight — and a chance for young kids to build their first ever snowmen. WPLN’s Tony Gonzalez was roaming on foot and captured this East Nashville family having some fun.

Nashville cold weather emergency shelter
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Nashville activated its highest level of winter weather response this week — even though it hasn’t been that cold. Officials rely on a policy first tested last year. In 60 seconds, WPLN’s Tony Gonzalez explains:

Many businesses that lost time and money during the ice storm two weeks ago decided to stick it out Thursday, when the roads were slightly less perilous.

One such business, Flip Burger in Sylvan Park, had a bigger-than-normal crowd Thursday afternoon between lunch and dinner. Tom Whitworth came around 2 p.m. for a midday meal with his wife and a friend.