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Chris St. Clair / WPLN

Firsthand accounts from World War II are getting harder to come by, but a former prisoner of war is finally sharing his story near the end of his life.  

Spring Hill resident Michael Fleischmann spent more than seven months in a German prison camp during the war. 


Darrel Kilburn headed off to Vietnam right after college. He was a helicopter gunship pilot- often tasked with flying over dangerous territory and patrolling for enemy combatants.

Now in his 70’s, the retired Army Colonel still remembers one of his first experiences facing enemy gunfire while flying with a new co-pilot. What could have easily turned tragic, thankfully ended in a humorous memory of two young men acclimating to war.


Spencer Wiggins had been in college just a few months when he decided to volunteer for the Vietnam War. Now an education executive, he volunteers and works with veterans — some from the same conflict.

But the Brentwood resident admits that he still has some of his own emotions to sort out. He was interviewed by his daughter inside the StoryCorps’ Airstream trailer that was parked outside of Nashville Public Radio's studios.