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Over the past year and a half, doctors and researchers in Nashville have diagnosed eight of the rarest genetic diseases. One doctor on the team at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says its progress is now speeding up.

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Since mid-February, four cases of mumps have been reported at Vanderbilt University — even though the school says every student on campus is vaccinated. 

The mumps have been nearly eliminated from the U.S. for decades, but there are still outbreaks. According to the CDC, over 900 cases have been reported this year alone, including one at Belmont and the four at Vanderbilt.

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Administrators at Vanderbilt University are urging graduate students not to form a union. In a recent email, the school's provost and dean of grad students wrote that if they organize, the relationship between the university and its students would be unnecessarily disrupted.

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On Saturday night, Vanderbilt basketball players will face off against South Carolina in black Nike jerseys specially made to honor Nashville civil rights leaders. The athletics department says it's honoring these icons as part of the university's attempt to bring diversity and inclusion to campus.

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Researchers at Vanderbilt University will examine how public policies affect the health and economics of LGBT people. The school announced Tuesday that it secured a $400,000 grant for the project from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Vanderbilt University

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way people type, with less time spent on standard keyboards. Now, Vanderbilt University researchers have examined whether training really matters for typing speed and accuracy.

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The Tennessee division of United Daughters of the Confederacy has no idea what it's going to do with the $1.2 million it's to receive from Vanderbilt University.

The group is still reeling from the news that the school is planning to strip reference to the Confederacy from a dormitory.

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Vanderbilt University Medical Center is trying to solve a problem that is currently hindering research: how to get enough participants — especially from minority groups — to take part in clinical trials. 

The National Institutes of Health recently awarded Vanderbilt a $14 million grant to help researchers around the country find more people to study. By some estimates, more than a third of clinical trials have to stop because there aren't enough participants, says Consuelo Wilkins, a joint professor at Vanderbilt and Meharry Medical College.

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Vanderbilt University is — again — having to defend the comments of one of its most outspoken professors. This time, Carol Swain came out against the Black Lives Matter movement on CNN

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Vanderbilt’s substantial lift in its minimum wage goes into effect October 1, and employees on campus are realizing the 15% increase and additional paid time off will only benefit a small portion of campus workers.