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More than a dozen walk-in health care clinics inside Walgreens locations will soon carry the Vanderbilt name. The medical center is taking over these Middle Tennessee clinics as part of its efforts to reach more patients cheaply.

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A smartphone will now become a more critical tool for nurses and EMT’s in Middle Tennessee. A new phone app makes it possible for them to request a medical flight with the push of a button.

Tennessee has one of the highest rates in the nation of hepatitis C, an infectious disease that predominantly affects the liver and is killing far more Americans than any other.

A new interactive map shows that 2.5% of all Tennesseans had or currently have HCV, as it's known, which is twice the national average.  

Epidemiologist Patrick Sullivan led the scientific team behind the HepVu map at Emory University. He says the information should be used to increase public awareness and screenings for the disease.  

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Vanderbilt has long had a reputation for attracting wealthy students. However,  no one knew exactly how wealthy  until earlier this year. That’s when economists at Stanford, Harvard and Brown released a massive new dataset on America’s colleges and universities.

It found that nearly a quarter of Vanderbilt students come from families in the top 1 percent of earners. That makes Vanderbilt one of the wealthiest schools in the nation — number four, to be exact. 

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Administrators at Vanderbilt University are urging graduate students not to form a union. In a recent email, the school's provost and dean of grad students wrote that if they organize, the relationship between the university and its students would be unnecessarily disrupted.

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Vanderbilt's lecturers and adjunct professors are trying to organize a union on campus. It would be the first faculty union at a private university in Tennessee, following a recent trend of organizing at elite schools.

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Vanderbilt University has joined more than a dozen other private colleges in opposing President Trump's immigration restrictions. Even though the executive order was suspended last week, they filed a formal brief in support of another legal challenge, this one in New York. 

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It had been a quiet season for the flu in Middle Tennessee until Tuesday. Then, by midday on Wednesday, 60 people had been hospitalized with laboratory confirmed cases of influenza, meaning scores more are sick, just not so ill that they go to the hospital.

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Call it the Uber of healthcare.

With the touch of a button on a smartphone, people in Davidson County can order a nurse practitioner to come to them within two hours. Some startups have already been experimenting with this model — including one in Nashville — but now Vanderbilt, one of the most prominent hospitals in the region, is joining the competition.

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"Easy in, Easy out." That's the title of new research from Vanderbilt's Peabody College, and it may give ammunition to one side of the debate about teacher turnover. The study finds those who came to the profession without an education degree tend not to stay as long.