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Davidson County Clerk

State lawmakers are considering a proposal that might mean the end of vehicle emissions testing in Tennessee.

Critics say the tests today are an unnecessary hassle and expense for car owners. But stopping them is not going to be simple.

Nashville bus
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Nashville’s city bus drivers and fleet mechanics are raising concerns about maintenance problems and workplace safety, and they are likely to stage a protest one day next week at the peak of rush hour.


Worries about the safety of children as they travel to and from school has led to two new laws that go into effect Jan. 1 in Tennessee.

But state leaders also fear college students have been overly protected, a situation they've also decided to address with a new law.

They're among the measures that take effect as the calendar turns the page to 2018. Jan. 1 is one of the two dates Tennessee lawmakers typically choose for legislation to take effect.

Nashville transit
Nashville Mayor's Office

As Nashville Mayor Megan Barry argues in favor of a tax increase to fund mass transit, she’s now taken a shot at critics of her plan. In a talk Monday to the Rotary Club of Nashville, the mayor called out what she considers three myths being pushed by opponents to her plan.

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Driverless cars may still be a few years away, but Tennessee highway officials say they're already starting to invest in intelligent technologies to help with congestion woes.

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A group of community organizers is questioning whether Mayor Megan Barry’s proposed public transit plan could actually hurt communities more than it helps.


If a tax referendum is approved next year, the project would kick off with a light rail line on Gallatin Pike in East Nashville. But critics held a small march Tuesday to talk to residents and business owners along the proposed route.

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The two Democrats vying to be Tennessee's next governor made another pitch Tuesday to expand pre-K education.

That's even though recent research from Vanderbilt University has led some communities, including Nashville, to hit pause on expansion plans.

Nashville traffic
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The slog of Nashville traffic only gets worse when school comes back into session, and Middle Tennessee transportation officials now say that drive times increase by 10 to 30 minutes during the school year.

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Gov. Bill Haslam does not anticipate much help from President Trump in rebuilding the state's roads and bridges.

The president is expected to announce a new plan this week to upgrade infrastructure around the country, after promising during last year's campaign to spend $1 trillion dollars on transportation improvements. But he appears to want states to partner with private operators on projects like toll roads, and Haslam notes that's something Tennessee has never done to pay for highways.

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Moving The Music City

Nashville has now completed what Mayor Megan Barry is calling an “action agenda” to improve mass transit and mobility. The plan released on Wednesday is the most specific list of projects, to date, that she wants done in the near-term.