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Gov. Bill Haslam does not anticipate much help from President Trump in rebuilding the state's roads and bridges.

The president is expected to announce a new plan this week to upgrade infrastructure around the country, after promising during last year's campaign to spend $1 trillion dollars on transportation improvements. But he appears to want states to partner with private operators on projects like toll roads, and Haslam notes that's something Tennessee has never done to pay for highways.

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Moving The Music City

Nashville has now completed what Mayor Megan Barry is calling an “action agenda” to improve mass transit and mobility. The plan released on Wednesday is the most specific list of projects, to date, that she wants done in the near-term.

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A group of Republican lawmakers is trying to hit reset on the debate over Governor Bill Haslam’s transportation proposal.

They say House leaders are moving the plan for a 6-cent increase to the state’s gas tax through the legislature too quickly.

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News of President Donald Trump’s visit to Nashville has lit up social media — including many commentators who are grousing about the impact to the city’s transit system.

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The road before Gov. Bill Haslam's gas tax proposal just got significantly bumpier.

An East Tennessee lawmaker has put together an alternative to Gov. Bill Haslam's plan to pay for road construction by raising the gas tax, and it's drawing support from some of the most important Republicans in the state House of Representatives.

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The mayor of Nashville may be one of the most vocal supporters of Governor Bill Haslam’s newly unveiled transportation plan — which hinges on whether the Republican legislature will increase the gas tax.

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A Tennessee lawmaker says police should have the power to inspect drivers' phones at the scene of serious accidents.

Supporters call it a "Textalyzer," like a Breathalyzer for cell phones. The idea is to see whether a driver was texting before the crash — just as police can test sobriety if they think a driver has been drinking.

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Nashville bicyclists — or those who have at least tried to ride in the city — overwhelmingly say that current bike lanes and traffic patterns leave them feeling unsafe. With that in mind, Metro has debuted a new approach on bike lanes and greenways that will cater to beginners, and strive to create a “low stress” bicycling network.

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Nashville now knows exactly how lacking its sidewalk network is, and has calculated the price to add hundreds of miles for pedestrians. Metro debuted its new master plan for sidewalks and bikeways — known as WalknBike — on Monday.

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An area of South Nashville that has been known as a deadly corridor for pedestrians is finally seeing progress on a lengthy sidewalk project.