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Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

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The killing of four people at a Waffle House in Antioch is exposing the frequent breakdown between the law enforcement agencies that regulate gun ownership.

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There’s no question about it: the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is busy. And not just managing the state’s three crime labs, tracking down fugitives or undertaking major investigations.


Since the beginning of the year, the state agency has already been called on to investigate 13 shootings by police officers. Four of those took place in just a matter of two days.

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The state of Tennessee has been voted the best in the nation this year for its laws intended to prevent child sex trafficking. That’s according to Shared Hope International, which since 2011 has been grading states in part on their laws combating child sex traffickers.

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District Attorney Glenn Funk is defending state investigators’ decision not to re-interview a key witness in the fatal shooting of Jocques Clemmons by a city police officer. Funk said the investigation’s mission was to gather the facts independently, and he trusted state agents to do just that.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation file on the fatal shooting of a Nashville man by a police officer has been handed over to the U.S. Attorney’s office for review. It’s the first time the feds have reexamined evidence in a fatal shooting by Metro Police. 


The state’s top law enforcement agency promised a complete and thorough investigation into the fatal shooting of a Nashville man by a city police officer. But a WPLN examination of a 600-page case file casts doubt on the thoroughness of the probe, and it reveals discrepancies between how the case was investigated and how officials have been describing their work for months.

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Two inmates who escaped from a prison bus in Georgia by allegedly killing guards were recaptured near Murfreesboro Thursday night after holding hostages and leading local police on a high speed chase.

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The first test for a new agreement between Metro Police and the District Attorney showed there's still some gray area in who leads investigations when a Nashville officer shoots someone. The topic is high on the agenda when DA Glenn Funk and police chief Steve Anderson meet for a mediation session with the mayor on Friday.

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When the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation started looking into the recent shooting death of Jocques Clemmons by a Metro police officer, it added yet another investigation to its surging caseload. It also highlighted the state agency’s increasing role in scrutinizing local police.

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Tennessee lawmakers are considering making a TBI investigation mandatory for any fatal police shooting, like that of Michael Brown last year in Ferguson, Missouri. 

And many law enforcement officials say they're open to the proposal.