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Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center, a nonprofit that acts as the city's technology hub, has picked a venture capitalist with strong ties to the healthcare industry as its new CEO.

Stuart McWhorter is co-founder of a Brentwood investment firm, Clayton Associates, that works with early-stage companies. The firm runs an investment fund which operates in the Entrepreneur Center. 

McWhorter — who also founded OrthoLink, a management company for orthopedic doctors — acknowledges that healthcare is a cornerstone of the technology industry in Nashville.


Living on the International Space Station is a sort of experiment for mankind, and the astronauts aboard are the test subjects. 

The biggest surprise for astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore? The mental gymnastics of working in zero-gravity.

“You think you'll adjust quickly, and physically, I adjusted fine," he said. "But, I mean, you lose stuff. Things float away. You have to think about every single thing that you're doing at every moment, because what you're doing can have dramatic consequences if you don’t do it right.”

Vanderbilt University

A recent award for scientific research at Vanderbilt University was given to someone who doesn’t even go there.

Hillsboro High School senior Alex Jolly was named a national semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search for his work in a Vanderbilt chemistry lab. He worked with professor Brian Bachmann, whose lab is in the business of drug discovery.

Emily Siner / WPLN

A frosty relationship between the organizers of two upcoming technology conferences in Nashville has resulted in another out-of-court settlement. 

The dispute began after San Francisco tech publication Pando Daily threatened legal action against Launch Tennessee, an agency partly funded by the state that invests in startups.


Tennessee astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore spent more than six hours Wednesday working outside the International Space Station. Wilmore, who’s been aboard for about six months, was helping prepare the station for the arrival of private space taxis. 


Updated March 12: Butch Wilmore returned to Earth yesterday from the International Space Station, landing in remote Kazakhstan. He has spent a total of 178 days in space.

Meet Barry “Butch” Wilmore, your friendly local astronaut.

Wilmore grew up in Mt. Juliet and went to Tennessee Tech University and the University of Tennessee. Then he enlisted in the Navy, became a pilot and then — an astronaut.

Emily Siner / WPLN

Updated Jan. 28 to include statements from competing internet providers

A few minutes before noon Tuesday at Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center, a wall partition lifted and revealed a sign on stage: “Nashville, Fiber is coming.”

Google Fiber’s long-anticipated announcement brought a flurry of excitement from Nashville entrepreneurs, who hope it could thrust the city’s technology industry into the spotlight.

Google Fiber screenshot

Updated Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.: Citing unnamed sources, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Google Fiber will expand to four metro areas — Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and Nashville. WPLN's Emily Siner will be live tweeting Nashville's press conference at noon. Follow @SinerSays for more.

Brent Whitmore / / Vanderbilt Kennedy Center

Inside a lab at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, Reyna Gordon is holding up a tangle of elastic wires connected to electrodes.

“For the kids, we call it a spaghetti hat,” she says with a laugh.

Gordon, a music cognition researcher, fits the spaghetti hat over my head like a shower cap. The electrodes touch dozens of points on my skull. This is how she looks at my brain waves, she explains.

Emily Siner / WPLN


Todd Oney with the Nashville Electric Service is pointing to a utility pole next to I-40. There’s electricity at the top, then telephone at the bottom, and in the middle, three black cable lines.

“One’s Comcast, one’s our own cable, and … I’m not sure who owns the third one,” he says, as cars zoom by.