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Tim Wildsmith isn’t your typical Southern Baptist youth minister. He's used to holding thorny discussions on issues that the youth group members of Nashville’s First Baptist Church face, like dating and sex. Now, science has been added to that list — namely, how it can and does coexist with faith.

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As at many churches, Wednesday night is fellowship night at the Brentwood Hills Church of Christ.

Up to 300 worshippers mill through the church gymnasium during the evening meal — a line of women in autumn-themed aprons serves spaghetti, salad and sweet tea to retirees, children and parents fresh from work.

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A group of neighbors opposing a cluster of tiny homes for the homeless in Woodbine are fleshing out their legal argument against the project. In a new court filing, they say the non-religious organization behind the homes is unlawfully skirting zoning laws with the religious land use act.

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As a young girl, Amy Mears always looked up to her father, who was a Southern Baptist preacher. Mears is now a pastor herself — of a Nashville church. And she talked to WPLN's Emily Siner in our live series, Movers & Thinkers, about what it was like to take up her father's profession at a time when women were almost forbidden from doing so.

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Muslims from across Tennessee were at the Capitol Friday in an effort to spark more dialogue with state lawmakers.

The event included tours of the Capitol and a Muslim prayer service, all with the message that it's time for Muslims to get more involved — not just in national politics, but with lawmakers who shape Tennessee's future.

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The question is not whether a legislator in Tennessee identifies as a Christian. It's what kind of Christian they are.

Nearly one-third of lawmakers identify their religious affiliation as Baptist, and the rest say they're from another Protestant denomination or they're Catholic. Only one mentions another faith: Nashville Rep. John Ray Clemmons, who says in his official bio that his family is a mix of Christian and Jewish.

That's not completely out of line with Tennesseans as a whole. Four of five of the state's adults say they're Christians.

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South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley challenged Republicans to do more to reach out to minorities and address racial inequality in her keynote speech Friday night at the Tennessee GOP's annual Statemen's Dinner.

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The American Counseling Association is following through on a threat to pull its annual convention out of Nashville.

Bradley County Sheriff's Office

An East Tennessee sheriff's office is being sued over a message posted to Facebook on Easter Sunday.

A group called American Atheists says Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson showed favoritism toward Christians by sending out a religious message on his official account.

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Get out and vote.

That was famed pastor Franklin Graham's message to a crowd of a few thousand people who took part in a midday rally at the state Capitol Tuesday.