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Some parents are protesting Metro School's decision to charge a fee for pre-kindergarten at locations that until now have been free. But Metro says for the quality of their program, public pre-K is still a good deal.

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The two Democrats vying to be Tennessee's next governor made another pitch Tuesday to expand pre-K education.

That's even though recent research from Vanderbilt University has led some communities, including Nashville, to hit pause on expansion plans.

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Nashville is slowing down its march to universal pre-K. City officials released a plan Monday in response to a widely-cited Vanderbilt study that questioned the long-term benefits.

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Nashville pre-K classrooms have become laboratories in the effort to improve discipline for the youngest students. And there are signs that a more positive approach could cut down the surprisingly high number of preschool suspensions.

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Nashville’s pre-K program is adding 276 more slots this year, thanks to a 4-year federal grant. And the recent growth has opened up space for middle-class families to attend for the first time. 

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Vanderbilt researchers are digging deeper into data that finds Tennessee’s pre-kindergarten program needs some work. A considerable number of students who attended pre-K eventually fell behind those who didn’t get the extra year. So the researchers wanted to see which students benefit most.

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Two Vanderbilt researchers are rocking the education world this week with their five-year study that shows virtually no long-term benefit to pre-kindergarten in Tennessee. The Peabody College professors are now trying to answer why getting a head start isn’t necessarily beneficial.

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A five-year study conducted on Tennessee’s voluntary pre-K program is leaving researchers scratching their heads.