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Officials in Tennessee have found 40 credible allegations of voter fraud during this year's primary and general elections.

That's more than any other state, according to a nationwide investigation from the New York Times that concluded, overall, there is no evidence of "rampant voter fraud."

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With a touch of ceremony and some outcry, Tennessee's 11 Republican electors sealed Donald Trump's victory in the state Monday morning.

It was an event that brought to the Tennessee State Capitol people representing the breadth of opinions among the state's voters — from those who say they still do not support the president-elect to those who took the final steps necessary to make him the country's leader.

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Two Republican state lawmakers are trying to drum up public support for a bill that would legalize medical cannabis. They say they need constituents to convince reluctant lawmakers, something that they think should be easier than the last time such a bill came up.


President-elect Donald Trump says companies thinking about moving overseas should instead negotiate special deals across state lines.

One Nashville economist says that might be a good idea for those companies, but maybe not for the states themselves.

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Tennessee Democrats say they're still not sold on the benefits of potentially outsourcing thousands of state jobs at college campuses, parks and prisons.

They're calling for yet another round of analysis on the proposal, even though two so far have found it could save the state more than $35 million a year.

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Tennesseans are feeling a bit better about the future, and pollsters at Vanderbilt University believe it's because of Donald Trump's election.

Their latest survey finds Tennesseans' attitudes about the direction of the state and the country have improved substantially since last spring.

In its first poll since the election, Vanderbilt's Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions says 60 percent of Tennessee voters approve of Trump, and almost as many say they're now optimistic about the country's future.

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Governor Bill Haslam says keeping jobs in America is great. What's not always so great is the price to do so.

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Donald Trump was declared the winner of Tennessee early on Election Night.

But it's still going to be nearly three more weeks before that victory becomes official — not because there are any doubts about the outcome, like those raised in Wisconsin and a few other states.

That's just how the process works. Why does it takes so long?

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After last week's school bus crash in Chattanooga, Governor Bill Haslam says Tennessee's leaders need to reassess how to use private companies to operate buses.

Emails show administrators were warned about the driver of the bus months ago.

The accident has claimed six lives, and Haslam says it appears to be a sign of deeper problems.

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Tennessee Republicans are setting the wheels in motion for a debate — at last — over raising the state's gas tax.

The tax pays for roads, and lawmakers say congestion, especially in Middle Tennessee, shows the state's old rate isn't keeping up.