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Congressman Jim Cooper is doubtful that the missile strike on a Syrian air base Thursday night will have much affect, saying the barrage of Tomahawks were "little more than a pin prick."

"Syria has many military bases, and this is just more of a beginning of an effort than an end of an effort," the Nashville Democrat tells WPLN. "We tiptoe into these other struggles because it makes somebody feel good to push a button and have an explosion on TV. This is not the way to conduct military or foreign policy."

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A Clarksville lawmaker has been tapped to serve as the nation’s next Army Secretary, thanks in part to Tennessee Senator Bob Corker.

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It was beginning to look last week like the road was finally beginning to clear for Governor Bill Haslam’s transportation plan and gas tax hike.

Then, some legislative leaders from the governor's own party cut in.

Now, the Tennessee legislature is set for what could be a make-or-break week.

Nashville Public Radio's Jason Moon Wilkins sat down with statehouse reporter Chas Sisk to lay out the route ahead.

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Despite earlier objections, Republican Senator Bob Corker voted with his party to launch the so-called nuclear option. That changes the rules for how Supreme Court justices are confirmed.

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A measure that would have let off-duty police officers carry guns into any ticketed event was voted down Wednesday in the state legislature.

The broadly worded proposal was designed to override policies banning guns at private fundraisers, music festivals, even Tennessee Titans games.

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Tennessee lawmakers are delaying until next year a proposal to define anti-Semitic speech on college campuses.

The move came after several University of Tennessee-Knoxville students testified Wednesday that hate speech is not a problem at their school.

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A measure that would require Tennessee school buses to have seatbelts is moving forward after weeks of discussion in the state legislature.

The proposal comes in response to last November's crash in Chattanooga that killed six children. The plan calls for phasing in seatbelts on new buses starting in 2019.

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A group of Republican lawmakers is trying to hit reset on the debate over Governor Bill Haslam’s transportation proposal.

They say House leaders are moving the plan for a 6-cent increase to the state’s gas tax through the legislature too quickly.

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Tennessee legislators have once again been revisiting the state's gun laws. Past years have seen them authorize guns in parks, guns in bars, and even on college campuses, though with many restrictions.

So what's next? Nashville Public Radio's Jason Moon Wilkins sat down with statehouse reporter Chas Sisk to talk about that.

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Immigrants who've entered the country illegally face an uncertain future in the U.S., but that hasn't stopped Tennessee lawmakers from again considering an idea that could help many of them.

A proposal to give in-state college tuition to undocumented students who graduate from Tennessee high schools is once more gaining steam.