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Curators at the Hermitage hope they'll have time to show President Donald Trump around Andrew Jackson's home when he visits on Wednesday. There's at least one artifact they'd like for him to see: a 230-year-old candle.

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Some might think that feeding milk to a calf couldn't be all that hard. But ask state Sen. Jim Tracy.

"Easy, easy," the Shelbyville Republican said as he attempted to steady a hungry, month-old Holstein named Raven. "Go baby go. That's good stuff, man, come on."

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Tennessee lawmakers have followed through on plans to sue the federal government over refugee resettlement.

The move comes at a time when organizations in the state are already cutting back on services for asylum seekers. The suit was filed Monday in a federal court in Jackson by the Thomas More Law Center, a Michigan organization that says it aims to defend and promote "America's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values."

The center did so on behalf of the state of Tennessee, the General Assembly and two lawmakers, including state Sen. John Stevens. The Huntingdon Republican says the key issue is whether Tennessee should have to spend money on programs it hasn't approved.

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Congressman Diane Black says the Republicans’ new plan to replace Obamacare puts healthcare decisions back where they belong, in the hands of patients.

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LGBT rights organizations have been amping up their opposition to a number of bills in the Tennessee state legislature.

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Tennesseans paid their final respects to former state Sen. Douglas Henry Thursday, as the Democratic lawmaker was laid in state at the Capitol. It's a rare honor that's been afforded fewer than a dozen times in the building's 150-year history.

Scores of mourners were on hand as an honor guard opened the doors to the legislature's ceremonial lounge. Henry's body lay in a casket draped with the Tennessee flag. Behind it were three more state flags, flanked by the American flag and the official flag of the General Assembly.

Tennessee General Assembly

Tennessee lawmakers heard emotional testimony Wednesday on the subject of abortion — from a mother who says she had no choice but to end her pregnancy in the second trimester.

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Some in Tennessee's congressional delegation are reserving full judgment about the new health care plan proposed by House Republicans.

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A plan to make transgender students use the bathroom of their birth sex has been put on hold — possibly for good.

The move comes amid a rapidly changing legal landscape for transgender people. The bill's sponsor, state Rep. Mark Pody, cited that evolving debate over transgender rights as he withdrew his measure.

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Douglas Henry was still early in his Senate career when the subject of legalizing marijuana came up.

The Nashville Democrat, who died late Sunday night at age 90, had no experience with cannabis. So he decided to rectify that the only way he knew how.

He bought a joint.