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In recent years, one of the biggest debates in Tennessee has been whether to give families vouchers for their children to attend private schools.

But after state lawmakers' failed attempts to get a plan through, interest in the issue among the candidates for governor seems to be diminishing.

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry
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Vice Mayor David Briley has named the seven council members to serve on its special committee to investigate whether Mayor Megan Barry used money improperly during her affair with the head of her security detail.

The group comprises Erica Gilmore, Bob Mendes, Brenda Haywood, Robert Swope, Burkley Allen, Mina Johnson and Russ Pulley. Briley set the committee's first public meeting for Thursday afternoon.

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The issue of Confederate monument removal has come back to the state legislature this year in the shape of several bills filed, mainly, by East Tennessee Republicans.

Micah Van Huss
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The Tennessee House of Representatives will vote on a measure that would require abortion providers to offer women ultrasounds before the procedure. It's a watered-down version of a more controversial proposal that stalled out last year, but it is nonetheless drawing criticism.

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Tennessee lawmakers are preparing for another season of debate over gun legislation.

But they're trying to get off on a better foot: by coming together on one measure they can agree on.

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Governor Bill Haslam has started trying to sell lawmakers on the last budget of his tenure. And while that may have been overshadowed by Nashville drama developing a few blocks from the capitol, the numbers the budget contains can say something about this session’s legislative priorities.

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Tennessee lawmakers could debate this session whether to add a work requirement to Medicaid, after President Donald Trump's administration said last month that it'd be willing to accept proposals that force enrollees to have a job, be training for one or engage in some sort of volunteer work.

Department of Economic and Community Development

Gov. Bill Haslam is asking state lawmakers for another $30 million for the Memphis Regional Megasite — a little less than half of what top officials say is needed to complete the sprawling industrial park along Interstate 40 in West Tennessee.

But officials say that could be enough to clear away the biggest stumbling block that's been holding up the project.

Megan Barry
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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry disclosed an extramarital affair with the head of her security detail on Wednesday and publicly apologized after mounting media inquiries about the sudden retirement of police Sgt. Rob Forrest.

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President Trump delivered his State of the Union address to Congress, followed by a response from the Democratic Party. Journalists across the NPR newsroom annotated those remarks, adding fact-checks and analysis in real time (below the video).