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The leader of the Tennessee Senate says he sees no need for lawmakers to debate regulations on which bathroom transgender students get to use.

That's after President Donald Trump's administration repealed federal guidance this week that required schools to let them use the bathroom of their choice.

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Some of the first job approval numbers show President Donald Trump losing support in Tennessee. An MTSU poll released Wednesday suggests he's no more popular than President Obama was during his first few months in office.

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Congressman Marsha Blackburn took on pointed questions Tuesday about President Donald Trump's first month in office and plans to replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican representative was just the latest member of Congress to face hostility as she met with constituents in an hour-long, townhall-style meeting in Fairview.

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Business leaders swarmed the Tennessee capitol Tuesday to talk about a topic dominating the national news — immigration. Advocates range from the Nashville Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

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It’s been only five months since state Representative Jeremy Durham was expelled from the Tennessee General Assembly amid allegations he’d sexually harassed nearly two dozen women.

But lawmakers are already wrestling with the issue again, following the resignation of another legislator: Memphis Representative Mark Lovell. Just weeks after being sworn in, he was accused of touching a woman inappropriately.

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Democrat or Republican? Soon voters in Davidson County might not be told when they go to elect judges.

Republicans argue that'll make the judiciary less biased. But Democrats question their motives.

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Tennessee's insurance commissioner says she's talking to Humana about maintaining coverage in parts of the state next year, despite the company's announcement Tuesday that it intends to leave the Affordable Care Act insurance exchange nationwide.

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Tennessee lawmakers picked back up the debate over medical marijuana Tuesday by hearing testimony about one claimed benefit of cannabis — lowering anxiety from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The claim is that marijuana cut PTSD with fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

Dr. Suzanne Sisley says she was initially skeptical. But then she talked to veterans about it.

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A Memphis-area lawmakers' sudden resignation has reignited a debate over sexual harassment at the Tennessee legislature.

First-term Representative Mark Lovell stepped down Tuesday, following an allegation he'd touched a woman inappropriately.

Highway construction near Memphis
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As Governor Bill Haslam traverses the state promoting his transportation plan, Tennessee Democrats have released an alternative proposal to pay for roads.

It calls for taking some of the state's surging sales tax revenue and putting it into mass transit.