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Republicans in Rutherford County gathered Thursday night for their annual Reagan Day dinner.

Such events are primarily fundraisers for the party. But this year, they're also playing an important role in shaping the field to succeed Gov. Bill Haslam.

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A measure that would make it easier for gun owners and groups like the National Rifle Association to sue cities over gun bans appears to be on its way to becoming Tennessee law.

Governor Bill Haslam says he's still reviewing the legislation, but his recent comments suggest he has no intention of using a veto on it.

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Gov. Bill Haslam had a pretty good year when it comes to wins and losses in the General Assembly. The Tennessee legislature has — in past years — picked fights with the two-term governor.

WPLN’s Chas Sisk and Jason Moon Wilkins talk about how Haslam’s approach to passing legislation has evolved.

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Democrats in Tennessee have been struggling to remain relevant, given their greatly diminished numbers in the state legislature.

WPLN’s statehouse reporter Chas Sisk is with morning host Jason Moon Wilkins to look at how the minority party did in the 2017 session, which concluded this week.

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Now that the Tennessee legislature's session has ended, attention is turning to whether Governor Bill Haslam will veto any of the measures passed this year.

Haslam has rejected only four pieces of legislation since taking office in 2011, and it seems doubtful he'll add to that total this year.

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Randy Boyd says Tennessee should not necessarily be run like a business, despite being a businessman himself. He says he's realized that bureaucracy has some benefits.

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State senators are dropping plans to get involved in Nashville's debate over short-term rental units owned by investors. The decision comes just one day after their counterparts in the Tennessee House of Representatives voted to put a two-year moratorium on new rules.

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The sponsor of a plan to put seatbelts on all school buses says she believes the measure is in a good position to pass the state legislature next year.

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Tennessee lawmakers are trying to finish up their business for the year, but the close vote over hiking the gas tax a few weeks ago seems to be getting in the way. Democrats and some rank-and-file Republicans felt steamrolled and forced to approve the governor’s infrastructure spending plan. So last week they took pot shots while trying to finalize the state’s $37 billion budget. State capitol reporter Chas Sisk joins WPLN’s Blake Farmer to explain what this says about the political mood at the legislature.

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Nashville's Democratic Congressman berated the health care bill that passed in the U.S. House Thursday. Jim Cooper called the bill "a box of old Republican bandaids" at a press conference at the Nashville Library Friday morning. He accused his conservative colleagues of fast-tracking a plan that's destructive to those with pre-existing conditions.