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Tennessee Democrats are hoping to revive the debate over expanding TennCare, the state's Medicaid program.

The move comes after Republicans in Congress failed last week to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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Tennessee’s lone GOP holdout who maintained he was leaning against voting for the health care bill Friday, says it’s time to work harder to get it right. Congressman Scott DesJarlais, whose district includes Murfreesboro, disliked the Republicans’ bill because he said it didn’t solve enough of the problems of Obamacare.

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The Republican rework of Obamacare is forcing states to figure out what it means for them.

And so far, they're not cheering in the Tennessee legislature.

WPLN's Chas Sisk joins us to explain how the health care plan is playing here.

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It was initially assumed the president was coming to Nashville this week because the city is home to the largest for-profit hospital chains in the country. But according to industry leaders, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam could play a key role in determining what Republicans in Washington do next on health care.

Haslam is part of a team of eight governors tapped to advise the Trump administration and Congress on how they'd replace the Affordable Care Act. The group was assembled by Republican Governors Association chairman Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

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Republican voters in Tennessee have been vocal: They want to see the Affordable Care Act repealed. But now on the verge of becoming reality, many are telling Congress something quite different — delay.

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President-elect Donald Trump promised during the campaign to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act. But that won't be the end of the Tennessee legislature's attempt at health care reform.

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Democratic lawmakers in the Tennessee legislature want a public hearing on plans to increase rates for some government-backed health insurance by as much as 62 percent.

They say Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak hasn't done enough to show the spike is needed to keep the health insurance market afloat.

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BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee made headlines earlier this summer when it said it wanted to raise its health insurance rates on the federal marketplace by more than 60 percent. Two other insurance companies — Cigna and Humana — had proposed increases of between 20 and 30 percent, according to the state.

But Cigna and Humana now say their increases weren't high enough, and the state is allowing all three to file new rate requests. 

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Some insurance companies in Tennessee are having to break bad news to their customers: Their rates are about to jump yet again.