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Nashville transit referendum

Nashville transit
Nashville Mayor's Office

It’s official: Nashville voters will get the chance to decide whether to raise taxes to pay for the mayor’s plan for mass transit.

The Metro Council finalized a referendum Tuesday night so that increases to four kinds of taxes will appear on the ballot on May 1.

Nashville bus
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Organized with matching shirts, stickers and consistent talking points, a diverse coalition turned out Tuesday night in support of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s mass transit proposal.

Nashville Charlotte Avenue

After drawing some criticism, Mayor Megan Barry is now proposing a longer light rail line along Charlotte Avenue between downtown and West Nashville.

Nashville transit
Nashville Mayor's Office

As Nashville Mayor Megan Barry argues in favor of a tax increase to fund mass transit, she’s now taken a shot at critics of her plan. In a talk Monday to the Rotary Club of Nashville, the mayor called out what she considers three myths being pushed by opponents to her plan.