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Metro Council

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Rope lights line the windows of gas stations and minimarkets throughout Nashville— but one Metro Councilwoman wants them taken down, and says they could distract drivers.

A bill to ban the decorations is inching closer to approval.

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A nearly one million dollar injury lawsuit against the city and a former police officer could be settled for just $10,000 if approved by the Metro Council this evening.


Metro Council Nashville
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A series of listening sessions are underway around Davidson County with the mission of making Metro Council business more transparent — receiving public input on the best ways to receive public input.

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Mayor's Office

For the first time ever, Metro employees have paid family leave. The new benefit was unanimously approved this week by the city’s Civil Service Commission and went into effect immediately.

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It’s unclear when — if ever — a proposed ordinance limiting Davidson County's cooperation with federal immigration authorities will be voted on. It was originally scheduled for final passage in the Metro Council on July 6, but the sponsoring councilmen pulled the measure. They say there is no imminent plan to reintroduce the proposals, though they plan to keep the conversation alive. 

surveillance cameras Nashville
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Nashville authorities — especially the police and those overseeing public housing — have steadily increased the use of surveillance cameras to monitor for crime, or try to deter it.

Now a new proposal could rein in Metro’s use of such technology.

National African-American Music Museum in Nashville
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After political infighting, a compromise has been reached on the redevelopment of Nashville’s old convention center — and how the National African-American Music Museum will be part of the project.

Fiber internet nashville damage
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Members of the Metro Council are demanding a full accounting of the damage done by the crews installing high-speed fiber internet lines across Nashville.

The inquiry comes after contractors for Google Fiber twice damaged a 36-inch water main in North Nashville, causing streets to flood and homes to suffer from low water pressure. Initial findings show there have been dozens of other lesser-known incidents.

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After a recent spike in Nashville’s gun violence, Police Chief Steve Anderson and Health Director Bill Paul, appeared before the Metro Council Tuesday night. They discussed the numbers behind the shootings and how the city plans to combat them.  


A controversial proposal that would up city services and increase taxes for thousands of Nashville homes is finally advancing after months of deferral. But the plan is now a fraction of the size.