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Metro Codes

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A group of Metro Council members are looking for yet another way to stem the loss of affordable housing in Nashville. It involves keeping a close eye on the numbers.

It was quite a sprint — and Metro has now concluded its budget hearings, which will inform the budget that's due soon from Mayor David Briley.

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Homeowners have publicly grumbled about excessive noise, parking violations and mounting trash as a result of their neighbors operating short-term rental properties via websites like AirBnb and Homeaway. Some even say they are doing so without the proper city permits.


To address those concerns, the city has now hired a call center operated 24/7 by a company in San Francisco. An online portal has also been created.

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Fiscal Choice Consulting study

Tall grass, abandoned vehicles, and broken gutters swaying in the breeze — they all make ready fodder for complaints to the property standards division of the Metro Codes Department.

Now a movement by the Metro Council could encourage neighborhood beautification with a powerful tool: cash.

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A new study of the Metro Codes department paints the agency as understaffed and overwhelmed by the challenge of monitoring the huge influx of short-term rental properties in Nashville.

And it describes the system of responding to citizen complaints — about uncut grass, garbage in alleyways, and unsafe buildings — as “skewed more toward protecting the rights of property owners against unjustified complaints than it is toward providing relief to neighbors.”

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Office of the Mayor

Most weekday mornings, there’s a line that forms outside the door to Nashville’s Codes and Building Safety Department. Once inside, the wait can easily top 3 hours.