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Metro budget


Metro Schools Superintendent Shawn Joseph said at a board meeting Tuesday that he won't balance the district's budget shortfall by cutting teachers or funds for students. That's despite the fact that Metro Schools needs to slash $17 million from next year's budget.

David Briley
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Facing budget challenges and the recent division over mass transit, Nashville Mayor David Briley delivered a somber “State of Metro” speech on Friday.

It was quite a sprint — and Metro has now concluded its budget hearings, which will inform the budget that's due soon from Mayor David Briley.

Nashville Defenders website

The city’s top public defender says her office is overworked and understaffed, but she doesn’t think it’s Metro’s responsibility to fix it.

Speaking at a budget hearing Tuesday, Dawn Deaner pointed out that — like the district attorney — her office serves primarily a state function. Public defenders are tasked with representing defendants facing criminal charges who can’t afford to hire a lawyer.

Vivian Wilhoite
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One reason the Metro government is taking a conservative budget approach this year is because many residents have successfully fought to reduce their property reappraisals.

While it means less tax money for the city, Property Assessor Vivian Wilhoite was not defensive while fielding questions from Mayor David Briley at her budget hearing Monday.

Metro government
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Nashville’s government departments have been warned to take a conservative approach to spending this year, a message that will inform the budget hearings that begin Monday with Mayor David Briley.

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Mayor's Office

The meat-and-potatoes portion of Nashville’s budget hearings has concluded. This week, Mayor Megan Barry will listen to nontraditional ideas for how the Metro government might serve taxpayers.

Metro Nashville
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A thread weaves through this week’s Metro government budget hearings: that the growth of Nashville has department leaders scrambling to keep up. And they’re asking for more funding to do that.

Nashville CJC
Office of the Mayor

A crucial funding vote is scheduled Tuesday night in Nashville’s controversial jail renovation project. About $40 million dollars has been questioned, with substantial opposition from some residents and elected officials.

Metro Water Services

An incremental compromise was reached Tuesday night on a flood protection system for downtown Nashville.