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Metro budget

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The meat-and-potatoes portion of Nashville’s budget hearings has concluded. This week, Mayor Megan Barry will listen to nontraditional ideas for how the Metro government might serve taxpayers.

Metro Nashville
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A thread weaves through this week’s Metro government budget hearings: that the growth of Nashville has department leaders scrambling to keep up. And they’re asking for more funding to do that.

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Office of the Mayor

A crucial funding vote is scheduled Tuesday night in Nashville’s controversial jail renovation project. About $40 million dollars has been questioned, with substantial opposition from some residents and elected officials.

Metro Water Services

An incremental compromise was reached Tuesday night on a flood protection system for downtown Nashville.

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There’s beginning to be some agreement between Nashville’s mayor and sheriff over a controversial jail project.

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If you wonder just how much construction is going on in Nashville, here’s a dollar figure: The city is on pace for $3.7 billion in new homes, high rises, and hotels this year.

Nashville classroom nurses
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As it stands, Nashville students who get sick or injured may not have a nurse to run to. A proposal made Wednesday seeks to change this by stationing nurses in every Metro School.

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Catching a bus in Nashville isn’t possible late at night. And knowing how long you’ll have to wait is tough, anytime, without a schedule in hand. But there’s huge demand to make the bus system simpler and more dependable. So on Monday, the city’s transit chief responded with a budget request to make that a reality.

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It’s not often the Metro Nashville government is compared to an episode of “Shark Tank” — the reality TV show for startup companies. But Metro budget hearings coming up this week are designed like a “pitch night” for departments that want funding.

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Metro’s budget hearings ramped up Wednesday, with about a dozen departments outlining proposals to Mayor Megan Barry and her top advisors. Public safety agencies presented some of the large monetary requests.