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As Nashville Mayor Megan Barry argues in favor of a tax increase to fund mass transit, she’s now taken a shot at critics of her plan. In a talk Monday to the Rotary Club of Nashville, the mayor called out what she considers three myths being pushed by opponents to her plan.

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$5.2 billion dollars — that’s how much the Mayor's new transit proposal will cost. It includes light rail, bus rapid transit and an underground tunnel beneath Nashville's already-congested downtown. Funding the most expensive project in Metro history is going take some fancy footwork. 

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Nashville officials say they're ready to unveil their plans to help pay for a city-owned soccer stadium. The dedicated coliseum is seen as a requirement to land a Major League Soccer expansion team.

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Catastrophic flooding in Houston has Nashville officials thinking about their own flood protection. The Metro Council is scheduling a meeting for next month to revisit building a floodwall system.

Megan Barry
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For the first time since tragedy struck her family, Mayor Megan Barry spoke publicly on Monday to call on families to have difficult conversations about addiction.

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More than 500 people turned out this morning for a memorial service honoring Max Barry, the 22-year-old son of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry who died over the weekend from a drug overdose. He was living in Colorado.

Mourners gathered at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville's Hillsboro Village, blocks from the Barry family's home, his elementary school and the University School of Nashville, where Max Barry attended high school.

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Max Barry, the 22-year-old son of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, died this weekend of an apparent drug overdose. He was found Saturday evening near Denver, Colorado.

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For the first time ever, Metro employees have paid family leave. The new benefit was unanimously approved this week by the city’s Civil Service Commission and went into effect immediately.

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry met with the city's police chief and top prosecutor Friday morning to settle a running dispute. The feud stems from a new arrangement for investigating shootings by police officers.

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Nashville is ready to pursue light rail train service. That was the big reveal in the “State of Metro” speech by Mayor Megan Barry.

“I am very happy to announce that today the work begins to create light rail service on the Gallatin Pike corridor,” she said to applause near the end of her address outside Bridgestone Arena.