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Megan Barry

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Sgt. Rob Forrest, the former bodyguard for ex-Mayor Megan Barry, was a 31-year veteran of the Nashville Police Department — which entitles him to a hefty pension. But after he pleaded guilty to felony theft earlier this week, that pension could be at risk.

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Just 24 hours after Mayor Megan Barry plead guilty to felony theft and announced her resignation from office, two of four pending investigations into her conduct have winded down.

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Mayor David Briley, who was sworn in last night to succeed Megan Barry, has not yet said whether he'll try to hold onto the office.

But with a short sprint scheduled to the August special election, there aren't many people who could mount a challenge.

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Both sides in the debate over Nashville's proposed mass transit plan say the referendum scheduled for May 1 should go forward, despite Mayor Megan Barry's surprise announcement Tuesday that she's stepping down after pleading guilty to felony theft in connection with her extramarital affair.

Megan Barry
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Few are openly celebrating the demise of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, who stepped down as part of a plea deal on Tuesday morning. She also pleaded guilty to a felony theft charge related to her two-year affair with the head of her security team.

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David Briley will be the new Mayor of Nashville. While it's a name that may be unfamiliar to some, Briley has been active in city politics for two decades and has family ties to the founding of Metro Government itself.


As part of Mayor Megan Barry’s plea deal, she will have to serve three years of unsupervised probation.

And once that’s over? The Mayor may end up with a clean record.

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Mayor Megan Barry announced her resignation at around 10 a.m. this morning, after pleading guilty to theft of property over $10,000 in court today.

Council Special Committee
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One of the investigations into Nashville Mayor Megan Barry is beginning to take shape, and as it does, members of the Metro Council say they need a public mandate to move swiftly.

Megan Barry
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This story has been corrected to accurately explain the timeframe of mayoral elections.

The editorial board of The Tennessean called Wednesday for Mayor Megan Barry to resign. Leaders of the daily paper wrote that they no longer believe she has acted in the best interests of the city in how she carried out a 2-year affair with a security officer.