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Mayor Karl Dean

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On his last full day in office, Mayor Karl Dean received a final award and also a surprise parting gift from the Downtown Nashville Partnership. What they gave the mayor didn’t have a Nashville twang — but a Boston brogue.

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Mayor's Office

As Nashville Mayor Karl Dean exits office on Friday he makes no qualms about wanting resurrection for three big-ticket projects that went down to defeat near the end of his term.

Mayor's Office

Outgoing Mayor Karl Dean says he won’t lobby mayor-elect Megan Barry to continue the pet projects that he launched. But Dean does think there’s good reason to continue paying for some of his initiatives.

The 14 New Historical Landmarks Nashville's Mayor Is Asking For

Jun 17, 2015

It’s become a tradition for outgoing mayors to preserve some of Nashville’s historic landmarks: Bill Purcell did it, Phil Bredesen did it, and now, Mayor Karl Dean. On Wednesday afternoon, Dean’s plan for 14 new landmarks goes to a public hearing.

Nashville Criminal Justice Center

Opposition continues to mount against a plan to relocate Nashville’s jail. Three state lawmakers who represent the city wrote a letter Monday against the idea.

Metro Government

With a vote over relocating Nashville’s jail and police headquarters just days away, Mayor Karl Dean is making a final push for the plans. He acknowledges, though, that next Tuesday’s vote may come down to the wire.

"You don’t stop working on it or counting votes until the very last minute, so we’ll see," Dean says. "But the city of Nashville definitely needs a new jail. There’s no question in my mind about that."

Courtesy of Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce

Mayor Karl Dean is beating back skepticism over his proposal to build a floodwall around part of downtown Nashville. The $100-million project will be discussed at the Metro Council’s public hearing Tuesday night. On Monday, area business leaders joined Dean to promote the project.

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If Mayor Karl Dean had known years ago the Nashville Sounds’ new ballpark would end up costing $75 million dollars, would he have moved forward with the plan?

“Definitely," Dean says, repeating the word for emphasis.

Team officials point to extra environmental cleanup, winter weather and rising construction costs as the culprits for the latest cost increase, which is taking the construction price tag $10 million over budget.