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Senator Bob Corker sang the praises of Bill Hagerty before the chamber overwhelmingly confirmed the Nashville businessman Thursday as the new U.S. ambassador to Japan.

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Updated 3:30 p.m.: Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker says delaying a vote on the health care bill should show that the senate wants "to get it right." He says in a statement that he will work over the next few days to "resolve a number of legitimate issues."

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Nashville's Democratic Congressman berated the health care bill that passed in the U.S. House Thursday. Jim Cooper called the bill "a box of old Republican bandaids" at a press conference at the Nashville Library Friday morning. He accused his conservative colleagues of fast-tracking a plan that's destructive to those with pre-existing conditions.

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Some members of Tennessee’s mostly Republican congressional delegation are showing guarded support for a U.S. military action that consisted of dropping nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles Thursday night, on what was reportedly a Syrian airfield.

The Trump Administration says the strike was a response to this week's chemical weapons attack in Syria, which is presumed to have been perpetrated by the Syrian government, though that has not been officially confirmed.

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Despite earlier objections, Republican Senator Bob Corker voted with his party to launch the so-called nuclear option. That changes the rules for how Supreme Court justices are confirmed.

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Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander helped shepherd President Trump's pick for Education Secretary through an intense committee vote Tuesday.

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Tennessee’s two Republican senators have more bad than good to say about President Trump’s Executive Order related to refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority nations.

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The nominee for Secretary of Interior says he would commit to more equal funding of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

Ryan Zinke answered questions from senators at a confirmation hearing Tuesday. While the Smokies attract twice as many visitors as Yellowstone, the Tennessee park gets only half of the federal money. It’s also prevented from charging an entrance fee due to the way it was acquired by the federal government.

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Now that the new Congress is poised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, groups that favor it are trying to rally public support with more urgency.

The Tennessee Justice Center is helping people organize letter writing campaigns to the state's Republican senators, according to the organization's director. It also worked with the national advocacy group Alliance for Healthcare Security to hold a press conference Wednesday that featured a Tennessee doctor and patients who've benefited from Obamacare.

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Tennessee's Republican senators are showing displeasure with their party's likely presidential nominee and his rhetoric — especially his response to last weekend's shooting in Orlando.