Kellytown Aaittafama
Courtesy of Hodgson Douglas

A new name has been chosen for an archaeological site near the border between Nashville and Brentwood. The prehistoric village that has been referred to as “Kellytown” will now be known by a Native American word.

Emil Moffatt / WPLN (File photo)

The number of Pearl Harbor survivors is now measured in the hundreds. And on the eve of the 75th anniversary, we revisit one of the sailors who lived through the attack.

George Westover talked to WPLN's Emil Moffatt just months before he died in 2015. They played taps at his burial service — a tune Westover knew well.

courtesy Tennessee Department of Veterans Services

A soldier from Sumner County who went missing in action has been identified, 65 years after his death in the Korean War. His remains were found in the 1950s and declared unidentifiable until earlier this year.

Photo courtesy of the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History

Historians from Tennessee are at the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, welcoming home soldiers who died in a war that ended 170 years ago. They've been working to fly home skeletal remains from the Mexican-American War discovered in 2011 — believed to be troops from Middle Tennessee.

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As he filed through paperwork for his newest spot just west of downtown, Jack Cawthon — namesake of the Jack’s Bar-B-Que chain — noticed something strange about his land deeds: numerous mentions of a prison.

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Each year, 300,000 people find their way off the beaten path to visit the Jack Daniel's distillery, where until recently, no one could even partake in the famous Old No. 7. But the fact that Lynchburg is in a dry country has only increased the allure. This is a brand built on story and legend.

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With the death of neighborhood activist Betty Nixon this week, several politicians and news outlets — including WPLN — erroneously reported she was the first woman to run for mayor of Nashville. But in realizing our mistake, we learned about Barbara Kurland.

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When it comes to understanding another culture or even another time in history, Jennifer Justus believes in the power of food.

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There aren't many people who own as much of Nashville's history as David Ewing.

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History is often passed down through stories: People document their memories, and those become our guide to the past.

But Bradley Hanson, director of folk life at the Tennessee Arts Commission, has discovered that sometimes this kind of documentation is flawed — because people don't always tell the truth. He talked to WPLN's Emily Siner in our live series, Movers & Thinkers, about his work collecting oral histories from musicians in rural Tennessee, and how his perspective has changed over time.