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The big hospital chains based in Nashville are accepting some of the blame for the country's opioid crisis, which grows more deadly by the year. They admit they were going overboard with opioids to make people as pain-free as possible. So in an effort to be part of the cure, they're issuing an uncomfortable warning to patients — you're going to feel some pain.

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About a year ago, Fort Campbell helicopter pilot Steve Shroeder was hovering around West End in his Black Hawk, practicing approaches to Vanderbilt Medical Center's helipad — just in case he ever had to deliver a patient to the hospital's trauma center.

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Nashville's Hospital Authority has approved a six-month contract extension for its CEO, though several board members wanted a longer-term agreement as a sign of stability.

After more than a century in business, General Hospital is undergoing a major restructuring initiated by Mayor Megan Barry, who wants to close down inpatient care at the safety-net facility. She argues there's a more efficient way to use more than $50 million a year in taxpayer funding going toward the hospital.

Metro General Joseph Webb
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The CEO of Nashville General Hospital has been sidelined as city leaders contemplate downsizing operations to save money. And Thursday afternoon, the Hospital Authority plans to finalize a long-overdue performance review with just two weeks left on Joseph Webb's contract.

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Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander has backed off his demands to add health insurance subsidies for low-income Americans to a year-end spending bill.

Alexander was the co-sponsor of a bipartisan bill that would fund subsidies to insurance companies that offer plans on the marketplace. Another bill addressing Obamacare was co-sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

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Tennessee counties are joining the list of entities suing pharmaceutical companies over opioids. Smith County is the first to file suit in federal court. Davidson County is likely to follow after approval by the Metro Council Tuesday night.

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Lipscomb University has submitted the paperwork to establish what would be just the second physician assistant school in Middle Tennessee. The Nashville campus is responding to nationwide demand for PAs in the health care industry.

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The VA hospitals in Middle Tennessee have added a new layer of infection control: Waist-high, germ-zapping robots are being deployed throughout the VA, which has become a leader in the health care industry's fight against drug-resistant superbugs.

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Sen. Lamar Alexander acknowledges that the final tax bill set to pass this week will increase health insurance costs for those who use the federal exchanges. But he says his bipartisan bill to stabilize the insurance marketplace will offset the cost increase.

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Nearly half of Tennesseans thought the Affordable Care Act should be repealed as Donald Trump was elected President last November. But Vanderbilt's latest statewide polling finds that number has dropped closer to a third, and hopes for a Republican alternative have also withered over the last year.