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Health Care

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Tennessee has joined 20 Republican-led states in asking the courts to overturn the Affordable Care Act. The lawsuit filed in Texas on Monday contends that without the individual mandate, Obamacare is unconstitutional.

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Vanderbilt Medical Center has entered a rare relationship with another university hospital. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the only academic medical center in Mississippi. It's a first for both schools, even though the campuses have not spelled out all the ways they plan to join forces.

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A newly formed company is set to take over a struggling public hospital in Decatur County. The county commission votes Monday night on whether to accept buyout terms.

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Frequent visitors to the emergency room tend to get the blame for the soaring cost of health care. In effect, everyone's monthly insurance premiums cover the most expensive patients. So BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee — like many insurers — has begun devoting more energy to its priciest patients in a long-term effort to control overall costs.

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Rural hospitals in Tennessee have been some of the most stressed in the country. Eight communities are getting used to life after losing their only hospital, and more facilities are teetering. So health officials are exploring the options and pointing to the town of Hohenwald, which has made do without a hospital for two decades.

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A bill that would raise the age to use a tanning bed is moving forward in the Tennessee House. But some in the Republican majority are expressing concerns about over-regulating health.

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The flu season has surged again in the Nashville area, closing schools and flooding emergency rooms — and health officials are reviving their vaccination pleas amid a deadly year for flu-related illnesses. 

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Vanderbilt researchers have published a study that shows opioid painkillers — particularly in their most potent forms — put patients at significantly higher risk of deadly infections. The findings were released Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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The leader of the national trade group representing public hospitals warns that Nashville will end up paying for indigent care, one way or another. Mayor Megan Barry has paused plans to close inpatient services at Nashville General but still wants a cost-reduction plan by the end of the year.

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The VA hospitals in Middle Tennessee are again vowing to make improvements after being rated among the 15 lowest performing facilities in the country. The Nashville and Murfreesboro VA hospitals are still dealing with high staff turnover and scheduling problems.