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Nashville voter registration
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Tennessee's top election officials tried to allay fears that the state's voting records are vulnerable to hacking, even as they acknowledged there's a significant risk that outside groups could try to disrupt future elections.

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The U.S. Department of Justice wants details from Tennessee's secretary of state on how it purges outdated registrations from voter rolls.

The request comes after President Trump's administration caused a backlash by asking for personal information about all of the nation's voters. It was sent by the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and went to all 50 states.

Both requests appear to be related to Trump's unproven claim there was widespread voter fraud in last fall's election.

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November home sales in the Nashville area made their largest leap all year, jumping by 24 percent compared to the same month in 2015. And realtors have a theory as to why: The outcome of the presidential election.

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Within hours of Donald Trump’s victory, a small group of Nashville Latinos gathered to pray for the U.S. government. Another went about her daily business, urging herself to be optimistic, and an immigration lawyer braced for an onslaught of anxious clients.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he's confident he'll have a good working relationship with President-elect Donald Trump's administration, even though Haslam didn't support Trump before the election.

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Donald Trump’s win has created ripples across financial markets, including in the health care sector. Some big Nashville companies saw their stock prices plummet as soon as the markets opened after the election. 

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Donald Trump’s win in Tennessee was never in doubt. But even some of his supporters were cautious about his chances to take the White House. Now, they’re seriously considering what they want to see from the Trump presidency.

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It wasn't a surprise that Donald Trump won big in Tennessee. But even those who forecasted his success didn't predict numbers so high.

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Tennesseans will head to the polls today for what’s expected to be a record-setting turnout. Early voting already broke records across the state.

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Political yard signs can be a line in the sand between one neighbor and another. But this election season, Don Wiley, of Donelson, is using his homemade signs to encourage his neighbors to take the long view.