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This has been a complicated and frustrating year for state testing in Tennessee. A failed computer format led to a printed version of the test, shipping delays and missed deadlines.

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Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says federal interference could be at fault for the state’s continued delays in standardized testing. He spoke at Belmont University Monday about passing his fix to the No Child Left Behind law. He also addressed Tennessee’s problems moving to a new test.

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Tennessee's debate over where transgender students should use the restroom made some state lawmakers think through the issue for the very first time.

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An MTSU task force has called on the university to change the name of Forrest Hall. The panel voted Wednesday night, though two members wanted to keep the name of the ROTC building, which was meant to honor Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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In the first year of Tennessee Promise — the state's free community and technical college program — about four out of five students stayed on board for a second semester. As the state prepares for its next batch of college freshmen, the program is looking at how to retain more students once it recruits them.

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Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen is warning there could be serious repercussions for school districts unwilling to administer standardized tests.


This comes after a few board members of Murfreesboro City Schools suggested that Part 2 of TNReady, scheduled to begin later this month, might not be worth the trouble.


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The statistic that more than 10 percent of Tennessee students might have dyslexia is helping to propel a bill through the state legislature. If passed, schools would be required to screen all Kindergarten through 2nd grade students for dyslexia, three times a year.

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“In such manner as the General Assembly may determine.” Get to know that phrase. It could turn into a multi-year debate over who has the last word on education funding in Tennessee. As school systems around the country file lawsuits against state officials to argue for more money, Tennessee is considering the unique step of changing the state constitution instead.

Nashville classroom nurses
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As it stands, Nashville students who get sick or injured may not have a nurse to run to. A proposal made Wednesday seeks to change this by stationing nurses in every Metro School.

The number of parents opting their children out of state testing may be larger than normal this year.  An elementary school in Chattanooga had more than 200 students refuse the TNReady test this month.