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Tennessee school principals have gotten better at accurately grading the best teachers, but not those who need the most help. An annual report on the state’s teacher evaluation system finds administrators are still reluctant to give failing marks.

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Williamson County’s school district plans to put up temporary signs banning firearms in local parks when students are on site. The school board voted Wednesday in a special-called meeting to spend as much as $6,000 on moveable signage.

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Some four-year schools in Tennessee are anticipating declining enrollment in their freshman classes, because the state’s free community college program, Tennessee Promise, begins this fall. So schools like Middle Tennessee State University are trying to find new groups of students to recruit.

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School vouchers look like they may soon become a reality in Tennessee, after the Senate approved a voucher plan Monday night.

Lawmakers say they've come up with a program that targets children in some of the state's worst-performing schools — without crippling their districts.


A pair of Nashville charter schools may get dedicated police officers in the fall. During the city's budget hearings, the police department requested additional positions related to the growth of charter schools.

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Teachers in Tennessee are on track to get some temporary relief from the pressure of testing.

The state House of Representatives has approved a plan put together by Gov. Bill Haslam to change the weighting of test scores for two years. The governor says the break is needed while the state replaces the TCAP with a new standardized test.

The plan, House Bill 108, temporarily rewrites Tennessee's teacher-evaluation formula.

Vanderbilt University

A fourth charter operator has pulled out of an agreement to take over a low-performing school as part of Tennessee's Achievement School District. This cancellation has a particularly personal sting for the ASD's superintendent.

YES Prep is walking away, after more than a year of legwork.

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Dozens of Nashville-area high school students took time off from their Spring Break to lobby state lawmakers about college tuition.

They hoped to build support for a bill that would grant in-state tuition to undocumented students. 

The group included Adriana Herrera, a senior at Overton High School who was brought to the U.S. as a child. Her father was deported four years ago, leaving her mom as a single parent.

Herrera said she wants to become an attorney and work with juvenile offenders.

Vanderbilt University

New Tennessee crime stats reveal Vanderbilt University had far more reported cases of rape and sexual assault in 2014 than any other school in the state. Administrators believe awareness efforts have caused more victims to come forward in recent years.

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There’s a stack of research that suggests all the educational innovation in the world still doesn’t hold a candle to an awesome teacher. And that's the driving force behind an experiment at three low-performing Nashville schools to broaden the impact and boost the pay of superstar teachers.