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In Curious Nashville, we answer your questions about the city, the Middle Tennessee region and the people who live here.

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Nashville brick sewer tunnel
Metro Water Services

Many of Nashville’s tunnel rumors were tough to confirm as anything more than legend. But there are a few things underground that probably should inspire more awe: the city sewers.

David Ewing, a Nashville attorney and historian who has appeared on WPLN, is trying to stump us with a Curious Nashville question: What's up with with the Native American on the Metro seal, and why is he holding a human skull?

Nashville tunnel Cumberland River
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

We spent quite a bit of time shining flashlights around dark, cobwebby places over the past few weeks — because of Curious Nashville, a project in which we answer your questions about the city. 

Nashville tunnel Wilson Spring Storm Tunnel
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

There are so many tunnels beneath downtown Nashville that it’s almost hard to picture.

That’s why we’re tracking down plenty of actual pictures, along with firsthand accounts of what’s down there.

Emily Siner / WPLN

The winning question in our very first Curious Nashville voting round led us on a circuitous path — but we are pleased to say that we found the answer.