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If there’s a statistic that won’t go away it’s the one about how many people move to Nashville each day.

And now a misleading version of this figure is being perpetuated by the pro-transit coalition, which leads a recent full-page ad with the statement, “80 people move to Nashville every day.”

Nashville demographic trends chart
Metro Planning Department

It’s not every day that a Curious Nashville question requests statistical analysis — as history questions are most common — but David Stricklin wonders:

What are current demographics compared to 25 years ago?

Nashville poverty rate chart
Metro Social Services

Nearly one in five Nashville residents were at or below the federal poverty guideline in 2014, according to a city analysis released this month.


Nashville’s population grew more than any other city in Tennessee last year, according to new Census estimates. But in terms of percentages, the fastest growing areas in Tennessee lie outside of Nashville.

Murfreesboro added nearly 4,000 people. That’s a 3.4 percent uptick in one year. Clarksville popped up by 2.8 percent. Cal Wray of the local chamber of commerce says the population increase is evident now that traffic is becoming a problem.