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Note: This story has been updated to elaborate on the Andersons' case.

A Nashville ordinance regulating short-term rentals, including Airbnb, is facing its first legal challenge. The lawsuit, filed by the Beacon Center of Tennessee, is focusing on one provision that makes it harder for property owners to rent out their homes full-time. 

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The Nashville region's health care industry confirmed this week what it’s already been saying for a long time: It is a major economic driver. 

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An attempt to simplify a 79-page sign ordinance in Murfreesboro is meeting some resistance from local business owners. One proposed change could require businesses to remove signs from the middle of their windows, around eye-level. At a recent public hearing, some business owners complained that part of the window is prime advertising space.

But Murfreesboro police officer Amy Norville argued the "clear vision zone" is important for safety.

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Nashville’s commercial real estate market is moving at such a clip that it may require a map to understand the cumulative impact.

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A coalition of construction and business groups is meeting Thursday to discuss how to respond to a new Metro charter amendment.

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Home sales in the Nashville area shot up again in the month of July, approaching the level of activity seen in 2006 during the last housing boom. But condos remain a weak spot. After months of ups and downs, the median price of a condo hit its lowest point this year — $161,000, down $10,000 from the same month last year.

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Nashville voters decided Thursday that large public construction projects should hire more local workers. Amendment 3, the only charter amendment to pass, requires that 40 percent of the hours worked on Metro-funded construction need to go to Davidson County residents. 

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An amendment on Nashville's ballot is asking voters to decide whether contractors should be required to hire more local workers on large public construction projects. Labor advocates say it's only fair, but it's facing fierce pushback from the construction industry.

Nashville Home Prices Hit Another Record

Jul 7, 2015

The median home price in the Nashville area is at its highest level ever.

June was the fourth month in a row that the region hit a record median price — this time, it was $240,000, according to the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

Vanessa Chang has watched those prices march higher. She bought her home in Donelson earlier this year.

"I got a really good deal for it, but I know it's going up. My brother is trying to move here too, and he's trying to buy a house, and yes, the price is definitely going up."

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These days in Nashville's most sought-after neighborhoods, nearly every offer is accompanied by a personal letter from a potential buyer about why the homeowner should choose to sell. 

Realtor Zelda Sheldon has left a thousand letters on East Nashville doorsteps describing her client, house-hunter Nathan — a young doctor wanting to adopt a rescue dog. He’s a qualified buyer ready to close in 28 days.