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Tennessee welcomed one of its newest tenants today: gun manufacturer Beretta USA.


The company’s new facility in Gallatin will soon handle all production, moving their manufacturing base from Accokeek, Maryland.


Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act of 2013 prohibited the company from manufacturing, storing and selling some products, including models of high-power rifles and high-capacity magazines.


Lee Hale

Nashville voters made it clear last summer that they want to see more local hiring for the city’s growing number of construction projects. While proposed regulations face legal challenges, there seems to be some progress among employers.

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An oversized warehouse in South Nashville is where Elizabeth Suzann clothing is born: boxy tees, long loose dresses and slouchy silk pants. The color scheme is dependably neutral.

"We use blacks, grays, oatmeals, creams, and then we use very simple silhouettes. We don't use a lot of zippers, any metal, no beading," says founder and designer Elizabeth Pape. She's wearing a slouchy taupe turtleneck as she gives me a tour of the warehouse.

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Business growth in Tennessee has moved from the suburbs to the cities in recent months. A quarterly summary of newly-formed companies finds urban areas are surging.

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With the growing number of restaurants in Nashville, advocacy group Empower Tennessee wants to figure out how many are accessible to people with disabilities. The goal is to not only help those people figure out which restaurants they can go to, but to also help businesses avoid lawsuits. 

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Residents of an East Nashville apartment complex are considering their legal options in response to a potential doubling of their monthly rents.

New ownership and renovations are expected at the 45-year-old Howe Gardens complex. But residents who met Thursday night say they were blindsided by the rent notifications posted on their doors.


One of the biggest names in Nashville’s health care industry died over the weekend. Clayton McWhorter was 82 years old. He either started or led a half-dozen companies, including HCA, HealthTrust and PharmMD.

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The Tennessee Valley Authority has been walking back incentives for rooftop solar panels. But that hasn’t put a damper on demand. There was a frenzy to snap up this year’s available wattage, which became available  last week.

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Every month for five years, Nashville has booked more hotel rooms and collected more hotel taxes than the year before. 

At a press conference where tourism officials touted the achievement, Amanda Hite, president of the tourism research firm STR, says this kind of growth surprises her. The Nashville region has been building so many hotels over the past five years, she says, that she didn’t expect there to be enough demand to fill them.


Matthias Mueller took the podium and told workers that Volkswagen "firmly stands" behind them. The company's CEO reassured employees at the Tennessee VW plant that the automaker would follow through with expanding the facility and adding 2,000 jobs.