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The Nashville area is home to a growing number of fashion brands: powerhouses like international footwear company Genesco, small designers like shoemaker Nisolo, distribution warehouses for Gap and Under Armour. On Wednesday, the Nashville Fashion Alliance released a report quantifying the economic impact of these brands at nearly $6 billion.

It's a number that the industry hopes will prove its value — both to the local economy and to designers nationwide.

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It was one of the clearest promises President Trump made on the campaign trail: He'd renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade agreement hammered out by his predecessor.

Charlie Nelson was hoping for the deal to go through anyway somehow. Now, the president of Green Brier Distillery in Nashville is trying to stay optimistic another trade deal will soon take the TPP's place.

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Tennessee's business community has long linked itself closely to Japan. The state is home to nearly 200 Japanese companies, and prominent Tennessee businessman Bill Hagerty is poised to be the next U.S. ambassador to the country. 

So when one Nashville-based startup decided to launch a language app that helps foreigners adapt to Tennessee, it started by targeting a clear audience: Japanese immigrants and expats.

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Click on the slideshow to find out more about the five other laws going into effect Jan. 1.

Tennessee brewers are working on some beers with a little more punch.

That's because of a new state law that went into effect Jan. 1. Craft brewers had been pushing the state to lift a restriction that they say had limited their creativity by placing additional licensing requirements on makers of "high gravity" beers.

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The football teams from the University of Tennessee and the University of Nebraska are in Nashville prepping for Friday's Music City Bowl. And even though they're competitors, they're staying in the same hotel.

It's a unique undertaking for the Gaylord Opryland Resort, which not only houses them but also has to figure out how to feed two high-powered football programs. 

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December is a busy month for recycling operations: In Nashville, the amount of paper that gets recycled is 20 percent higher than the rest of the year. 

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Call it the Uber of healthcare.

With the touch of a button on a smartphone, people in Davidson County can order a nurse practitioner to come to them within two hours. Some startups have already been experimenting with this model — including one in Nashville — but now Vanderbilt, one of the most prominent hospitals in the region, is joining the competition.

Officials in Gatlinburg have been begging visitors to return. Now they'll see if that happens.

The city's downtown reopens Friday, 10 days after the wildfire that stunned the region. The fire destroyed 1,800 structures and killed 14 people. Many worry it will hinder the biggest economic driver in the area: tourism.

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Construction started on HCA's new, 17-story building in the Gulch neighborhood two years ago.

A lot's changed between then and last week, when the office tower officially opened. And the health care landscape is likely to change a good deal more over the next few years.

Chief executive Milton Johnson says the company's ready.

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It's nearly impossible to spend a night on Nashville's Lower Broadway — that hub of honky tonks — and not see several groups of women celebrating an impending marriage.

These bachelorette parties have become so prevalent that they're almost an inside joke for locals. But they have also become an integral part of Nashville's tourism boom.