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Nissan North America wants parts suppliers to set up shop as close as possible to its flagship plant in Smyrna. The Franklin-based automaker announced Tuesday the construction of a “supplier park” on its campus.

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Goodlettsville-based Dollar General says it will not be following the lead of big-box discount retailer Walmart on its payment of employees. Walmart announced last month that it would start paying all employees at least $10 an hour as of next year, but Dollar General executives say they’re not planning to raise the wages of their lowest paid workers.

About 12 percent of Dollar General’s part-time employees are making the federal minimum wage — $7.25 an hour — according to CEO Rick Dreiling. He defended the company’s pay scale in a recent conference call with investors.

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A Nashville musician told U.S. lawmakers Tuesday that songwriters should be paid more for their music that’s streamed online, part of a complex discussion about the cost of music in the digital age.

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The ice and snow of February failed to freeze up the Nashville area’s housing market. Closings jumped nearly 13 percent from the same period last year and March is on track to keep the upward trend going.

Many businesses that lost time and money during the ice storm two weeks ago decided to stick it out Thursday, when the roads were slightly less perilous.

One such business, Flip Burger in Sylvan Park, had a bigger-than-normal crowd Thursday afternoon between lunch and dinner. Tom Whitworth came around 2 p.m. for a midday meal with his wife and a friend.


Sales of Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti spiked nearly 20 percent in February after a sluggish 2014. The company believes customers were slow to embrace a recent name change for Infiniti cars and SUVs.

There are only two options now: Q for cars and QX for SUVs. Infiniti pulled the trigger on streamlining the model names last year. Spokesman Kyle Bazemore says it was part of the reason sales were flat.

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  The ice storm might have been good for grocery stores, plumbers and heating repairmen.

But many other businesses across Middle Tennessee have been closed, dealing a short-term blow to the region’s economy.

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The slick roads Tuesday meant that Nashville drivers couldn't be in much of a hurry. And at some grocery stores, Nashville shoppers couldn't either.

Around noon on Tuesday, the parking lot of the Kroger on Rosa Parks was full of cars and slush. Shannon Himes, who lives around the corner, was waiting outside the entrance with her dog as her husband Scott picked up groceries. But he came out empty handed.

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The Metro Planning Commission on Thursday denied a re-zoning request by two developers hoping to build a six-story apartment building on Music Row. Not only did the commission deny those plans, the panel also put a 12 to 18 month moratorium on any zoning change request for the area.

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The median price for homes selling in the Nashville area is up nearly 29 percent from this point just two years ago. Home prices made another big jump in January.