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Nashville voters decided Thursday that large public construction projects should hire more local workers. Amendment 3, the only charter amendment to pass, requires that 40 percent of the hours worked on Metro-funded construction need to go to Davidson County residents. 

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An amendment on Nashville's ballot is asking voters to decide whether contractors should be required to hire more local workers on large public construction projects. Labor advocates say it's only fair, but it's facing fierce pushback from the construction industry.

Nashville Home Prices Hit Another Record

Jul 7, 2015

The median home price in the Nashville area is at its highest level ever.

June was the fourth month in a row that the region hit a record median price — this time, it was $240,000, according to the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors.

Vanessa Chang has watched those prices march higher. She bought her home in Donelson earlier this year.

"I got a really good deal for it, but I know it's going up. My brother is trying to move here too, and he's trying to buy a house, and yes, the price is definitely going up."

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These days in Nashville's most sought-after neighborhoods, nearly every offer is accompanied by a personal letter from a potential buyer about why the homeowner should choose to sell. 

Realtor Zelda Sheldon has left a thousand letters on East Nashville doorsteps describing her client, house-hunter Nathan — a young doctor wanting to adopt a rescue dog. He’s a qualified buyer ready to close in 28 days.

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New regulations on Airbnb hosts don’t seem to be putting a damper on the their numbers in Nashville. A new city ordinance requires all hosts to obtain a short-term rental permit and goes into effect July 1.

Gibson Brands

A Nashville instrument-maker has spent millions of dollars over the course of a decade trying to perfect a self-tuning guitar.

It wasn’t until this year, however, that Gibson, the brand behind the iconic Les Paul, started making automatic tuners a standard feature on most of its electric guitars.

Help Us Count All of the Cranes in Nashville

Jun 23, 2015
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Something funny going  is on with Nashville's iconic skyline: Tower cranes are popping up like weeds, their swaying and turning a constant reminder of Nashville's rapid growth.

One day metal spindles jut into the sky, and the next they are covered in glass with a "for rent" sign hanging from a new edifice.

We scoured the town for as many tower cranes as we could find. Scroll down to see photos and a little info about where they are and what's being built. At the very bottom you'll find a map.

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The big-ticket item on the August ballot is the mayor’s race, but voters will also be weighing in on amendments. One that's sparking debate would require construction companies doing business with the city to hire more local workers. Supporters say the goal is to help more Nashvillians get valuable skills, though the construction industry opposes this approach.

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Dollar General plans to expand more than it did last year, even though it’s already the biggest discount retail chain in the country. In the company’s first quarter earnings report, incoming CEO Todd Vasos said Dollar General plans to add 900 stores by 2016.

Nissan USA

Auto sales in May were mixed, and Franklin-based Nissan North America wound up on the low side. Its slip in monthly sales comes amid a period of double-digit growth. Nissan’s numbers were down only about 1 percent compared to the prior year, but that’s in stark contrast to the sales gains in some recent months.