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The Trump Administration is getting a pat on the back from Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, who says he had his doubts about the president on foreign policy.

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Some members of Tennessee’s mostly Republican congressional delegation are showing guarded support for a U.S. military action that consisted of dropping nearly 60 Tomahawk missiles Thursday night, on what was reportedly a Syrian airfield.

The Trump Administration says the strike was a response to this week's chemical weapons attack in Syria, which is presumed to have been perpetrated by the Syrian government, though that has not been officially confirmed.

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Despite earlier objections, Republican Senator Bob Corker voted with his party to launch the so-called nuclear option. That changes the rules for how Supreme Court justices are confirmed.

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Tennessee’s two Republican senators have more bad than good to say about President Trump’s Executive Order related to refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority nations.

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Congressman Jim Cooper is joining calls for President-elect Donald Trump to drop top advisor Steve Bannon from his leadership team.

The Nashville Democrat says Bannon's selection as Trump's chief strategist is a "terrible mistake" and describes Bannon a hate-monger and fear-monger who will make it harder for Trump to achieve his stated goal of reconciling Americans after a divisive election.

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Sen. Bob Corker has agreed to let the families of 9/11 victims sue the government of Saudi Arabia, even though he says he continues to have grave concerns over where it might lead.

The Tennessee Republican and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was among the 97 senators who voted to override President Barack Obama's veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. The measure lets Americans sue in domestic courts if they believe a foreign government was involved in a terrorist attack.

The vote marks the first override of an Obama veto.

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Tennessee Senator Bob Corker says Donald Trump went "far too far" by calling President Obama and Hillary Clinton the founders of ISIS.

But he isn't budging in his support for the Republican presidential nominee, even as he criticized the tone of his campaign.

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Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is no longer speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week. He says he will be there, but he turned down an opportunity to be on stage.

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Senator Bob Corker says he no longer wants to be considered for the job of vice president.


The Tennessee Republican told the Washington Post Wednesday that he was withdrawing from the vice presidential race because he doesn't think he'd be right for the position.

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Tennessee's Republican senators are showing displeasure with their party's likely presidential nominee and his rhetoric — especially his response to last weekend's shooting in Orlando.