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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam says his administration has begun gathering information on a Nashville woman whose murder conviction has become a cause célèbre. But a decision on whether to grant her clemency is unlikely to come until well into next year.

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Gov. Bill Haslam issued a statement Thursday saying he will not run for U.S. Senate, altering the calculus of the race to replace the retiring Republican Bob Corker and other races down the ballot. So far, two other politicians have announced their decisions later in the day as well.

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Tennessee's governor says there's no reason the review process of the Gatlinburg wildfires should be anything but open and transparent. This comes after the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency lost the recordings of all calls from the night the fire started.

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Healthcare activists say they will continue protesting at the Capitol until the state expands Medicaid. A group called Moral Movement Tennessee talked to reporters Monday, about a week after 11 people were arrested during a sit-in at Gov. Bill Haslam’s office.


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Gov. Bill Haslam’s pitch for free community college for all Tennessee adults received a standing ovation during his State of the State address on Monday. But the governor was also met by hundreds of protesters, whose chants often seeped into the chamber as he spoke.

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 After an eventful election season, the Tennessee state legislature is back.


The General Assembly opens its two-year session this week.


There aren’t a lot of new people in the hallways, but our statehouse correspondent, Chas Sisk, is here to tell us why this will be one of most unpredictable sessions in years.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he's confident the Tennessee Republican Party can heal the rifts that have emerged over Donald Trump.

Some lower-level party officials have condemned the governor for distancing himself from the GOP nominee.

Haslam broke with Trump amid the furor over a video that showed him bragging about groping women. The governor urged Trump to get out of the race and let his running mate take over.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says his public repudiation of presidential nominee Donald Trump is for the good of the Republican Party. 

Haslam said Thursday that Trump's remarks about groping women are just too alienating.

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Governor Bill Haslam may not ever endorse Donald Trump. Tennessee’s Republican Governor has been hesitant to give his official support for the GOP nominee. Haslam now says he doesn’t plan to focus on the presidential race. 

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Gov. Bill Haslam says he and Donald Trump had a good conversation when they met Tuesday in New York, but he's still trying to figure out whether to give Trump his support.

Haslam was part of a group of six Republican governors who sat down with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee for 45 minutes at his office in Trump Tower to discuss issues important to them.