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The properties in Nashville that are at risk of disappearing are bigger than ever. Local non-profit Historic Nashville Incorporated released its annual list of endangered buildings called “Nashville Nine,” on Sunday.  

This year’s list included the entire Cleveland Park neighborhood and Music Row, which preservationists say are at risk of being developed into oblivion.

Nashville Public Library

In its ongoing effort to chronicle the local music scene, the Nashville Public Library announced this week it has launched a streaming website, becoming the fourth library system in the nation to set up such a service.

Dillon Dodson / WPLN

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw were honored with stars number 73 and 74 on the Music City Walk of Fame on Wednesday, with guests including Mayor Megan Barry and Reba McEntire.

Celebrate Nashville
Celebrate Nashville

For decades, just 1 percent of Nashville’s population was comprised of foreign-born immigrants. Yet there came the idea for the “Celebrate Nashville” festival, which brings together immigrants and natives to build understanding. The city has become many times more diverse in the 20 years since, and the festival is also evolving.

Jean Shepard, one of the first women to find success in country music as a solo act, died Sunday at age 82. Shepard was a feisty, straight-shooting singer who created a career in an industry where she had few female role models.

Courtesy of T Bone Burnett

Editors Note: T Bone Burnett is a Grammy-winning producer whose O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack helped ignite an American roots music insurgence over the past 15 years. He's worked with countless Nashville artists — from Roy Orbison to Gillian Welch — is a songwriter in his own right, and once played guitar in Bob Dylan's band. 

Courtesy of Grant Lee Phillps

This week in Nashville the Americana Music Association is holding its annual festival and conference.

Americana is a wide ranging roots music genre. But sometimes it gets narrowly defined by those who buy into an emerging stereotype - the hipster musician wearing suspenders, clutching a banjo.

Nashville Symphony

Giancarlo Guerrero will stay with the Nashville Symphony for nearly another decade, at least. The music director has agreed to a five-year extension of his existing contract.

A Nashville Poet Writes About Spit And Civil Rights

Sep 13, 2016
Courtesy of Ciona D. Rouse

Editor's Note: Ciona Rouse says she used to avoid writing about race. She didn't want to be pigeonholed as a black poet who only writes about this one topic. But eventually, she decided she needed to talk about race if she wanted to express who she was in her poetry. One of the poems she's written since then is called "Spit." She explains the idea started with an interview she heard on the radio.

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Nashville is known for its songwriters — people like Victoria Banks, who is paid to come up with tunes and lyrics on a regular basis. 

Banks, who wrote the 2000 Sara Evans hit "Saints & Angels," talked to WPLN's Emily Siner in our live series and podcast Movers & Thinkers about the challenges of cultivating creativity — especially when it's your job.