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Kara McLeland / WPLN

As a palliative care doctor at Alive Hospice, Sasha Bowers has been there at the very end of life for a lot of people. This exposure to the dying has given her a perspective on death that most people don't have, and she talked to WPLN's Emily Siner in our podcast Movers & Thinkers about what she's learned.

Teri Nine / Alive Hospice

Camp Evergreen has all the trappings of a typical day camp. The counselors greet the kids with the requisite amount of cheer at the beginning of each day. They go swimming every day after lunch. They do arts and crafts.

But all of the campers also have something in common that they’d rather not: They’ve all recently lost a close family member. In other words, it’s grief camp — and although, understandably, that does not sound like fun, kids and counselors alike end up finding some comfort in grieving together.