Affordable Housing

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When a developer bought a large affordable housing complex in Nashville’s Edgehill neighborhood, residents worried they might lose their homes. And they had good reason. Across the city, developers are buying up buildings, remodeling them and raising the rents.

But before that could happen, these residents banded together, formed a tenants’ union and asked the buyer to talk. And much to their surprise, the new owner agreed.

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Nashville’s public housing agency has unveiled the design for the next phase in its ambitious plan to demolish and rebuild the James A. Cayce Homes, the city’s largest subsidized housing community.

The mixed-income complex is the first of its kind in the neighborhood. But the city has been scant on details and it’s leaving some residents anxious about the logistics of such a major overhaul.

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Lawyers and organizers in Nashville are working to stop evictions before they start. 

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Mobile home parks are positioning themselves as a key piece of Nashville’s affordable housing market, filling a niche traditional developers can’t keep up with. As rents rise across the city, companies that operate these parks are expanding. But with few legal protections, residents can feel powerless.

Barnes Housing Trust Fund
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After years of talking about affordable housing in Nashville, the buzzword has turned into action — with city-funded efforts finally leading to some new rooftops. A record level of $10 million available through the Barnes Housing Trust Fund has led to a wave of interest from a broad range of developers.

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Nashville has adopted its first inclusionary zoning rules to try to generate more affordable housing.

affordable housing Nashville
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More than 50 people spoke more than two hours Tuesday night about whether Metro should require more developers to set aside apartments at low rents, a policy that’s been in the works for more than a year. It's known as inclusionary zoning.

The hotly contested affordable housing proposal will likely be amended after the Metro Council’s longest public hearing of the year.

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Metro Development and Housing Agency

Nashville’s proposal to encourage construction of more affordable housing units took a step forward Thursday. More than 100 residents, officials and business leaders shared opinions, and the Metro Planning Commission voted in favor of a plan known as “inclusionary zoning.”

affordable housing Nashville
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Affordable housing — it’s the subject Nashvillians cannot hide from in the past year, with widespread thinking that something should be done about rising prices and changing neighborhoods. Now, after months of study, several proposals are on paper and ready to be debated.

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It has been a big year for home sales, and June was the biggest month so far. And the median home price set a record, topping $260,000 dollars.