110th General Assembly

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Tennessee lawmakers may soon be required to disclose when they travel on someone else's dime.

The measure comes after advocates footed the bill for some legislators to go to Florida, North Carolina and even Europe.

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A proposal meant to give lawmakers more opportunities to override vetoes of controversial legislation could be tripped up by a separate measure that would dramatically increase how much money state senators can raise.

The dispute between the Tennessee House of Representatives and the state Senate could come to a showdown as lawmakers wrap up this year's legislative session.

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Democrats in the Tennessee legislature are touting a list of policies that they say will benefit Tennessee's middle class.

Their "People's Bill of Rights" consists of five core principles that they say justify actions like raising the state's minimum wage, lessening sentences for marijuana possession and opposing school vouchers.

"This is going back to the basics," says House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh, D-Ripley. "There's not anything that you have not heard, and we have not been speaking about for years."

School board
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The Metro Board of Education plans to officially condemn school vouchers. Several school systems around the state have passed resolutions that object to diverting tax dollars to private school tuition. Nashville's board is set to vote on a similar measure Tuesday night.

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Business leaders swarmed the Tennessee capitol Tuesday to talk about a topic dominating the national news — immigration. Advocates range from the Nashville Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to the Tennessee Farm Bureau.

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It’s been only five months since state Representative Jeremy Durham was expelled from the Tennessee General Assembly amid allegations he’d sexually harassed nearly two dozen women.

But lawmakers are already wrestling with the issue again, following the resignation of another legislator: Memphis Representative Mark Lovell. Just weeks after being sworn in, he was accused of touching a woman inappropriately.

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A group of Republican state lawmakers is condemning a decision by their counterparts in California to ban all travel to Tennessee.

But they're stopping short of reciprocating. They say they want to end the bickering over differences in social policy before it gets out of hand.

Barbers and hair stylists in Tennessee are one step closer to cutting hair in their customers’ homes. On Tuesday, a bill to legalize in-home haircuts jumped its first legislative hurdle when it was passed by the Senate Commerce Committee.

Senate Minority Leader Lee Harris, D-Memphis, sponsored the bill. He sees the current rules, that in most cases bar home haircuts, as an inconvenience for customers.

"This bill changes that law and tries to provide a reasonable path for barbers to provide haircuts at the customer’s home," Harris says.

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A big part of Gov. Bill Haslam's State of the State address was trying to convince lawmakers not to spend Tennessee's billion-dollar surplus on roads.

Instead, he presented a laundry list of ways the money could be put to better use.

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A Tennessee lawmaker says police should have the power to inspect drivers' phones at the scene of serious accidents.

Supporters call it a "Textalyzer," like a Breathalyzer for cell phones. The idea is to see whether a driver was texting before the crash — just as police can test sobriety if they think a driver has been drinking.