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What’s Happening To The Old Seats In The Tennessee Titans' Stadium?

Feb 18, 2016

When the Tennessee Titans announced plans to replace the aging seats at Nissan Stadium, some fans hoped to grab a piece of history. But the construction team — now ripping into the rows of seats visible from Interstate 24 — won’t be saving any of the football furniture.

Instead, the seats will be repurposed.

In an update to the Metro Sports Authority on Thursday, contractors said they’ll sell the metal and plastic seat scraps to recoup some money. The $15 million project will also replace concrete expansion joints and repair water damage found beneath the seating.

The scrap sale is a well-intentioned recycling effort, said project manager Jordan Wyman.

"Every item that comes from the seats will be reused at some point,” he said. "Steel and aluminum will be sent to a factory where [they] will be melted and sold as raw aluminum or raw steel for various parts.

Crews are tearing out the old seats at Nissan Stadium and recycling them as metal and plastic scrap.
Credit Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

The plastic will go to a shredding facility, and then it will be sold to two to three different vendors."

This might comfort woeful fans: that plastic could turn up in their PVC pipes, car parts, and decking.

The seating overhaul isn’t the stadium’s only green initiative. Nissan is seeking approval to install electric vehicle chargers in the parking lot. This is part of a broader effort to increase the availability of stations, and in turn, to promote its electric Leaf.