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Tensions Flare Over Trump On Campuses, Including Nashville's Trevecca Nazarene

Nov 10, 2016

As tensions flare over a Trump presidency, schools have become the front lines for some of the confrontations. This leaves administrators having to decide where the line is between expression and harassment. 

The day after the election, a student at Trevecca Nazarene University posted on Facebook. It was a great day, she wrote, because "illegals in my class are crapping in their pants."

Another student posted a photo of her status, commenting that Trevecca is no longer a safe space for people of color.

And that got the attention of the school's president. On a comment thread, Dan Boone condemned the original statement.

"Our students and employees are deeply offended by this. It does not represent who we are. We have a student who has some choices to make...because actions have consequences," he wrote.

Trevecca held a forum that day to address it and brought it up during a campus chapel service Thursday morning, says communications director Matt Toy.

"Probably our prime objective right now is to make sure that anyone who's here feels that we will protect them, and that they can get a great education in a safe environment," Toy says. "Our university doesn't stand for what she said."

Toy says the school is still trying to figure out exactly what constitutes a comment that threatens safety.

"There is a hard line, and there are certain things that people can't say, but there is a gray area," he says.

But with this one, the university does not stand for it. Toy notes Trevecca Nazarene has made a point in recent years to recruit undocumented immigrants and help them find financial aid for college.

School administrators are meeting with the original student and have yet to decide whether there will be consequences.