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Originally A Skeptic, Predators CEO Embraces Change To Gold Color Scheme

Apr 23, 2015

The Predators' season is on the line Thursday night with a do-or-die playoff game against the Chicago Blackhawks. So far, this has been one of the most successful seasons in franchise history, particularly in terms of fan support. Team management gives at least some of the credit to a tweak in the team colors.

With a record number of sellouts this year,  the streets surrounding Bridgestone Arena have been awash in the color gold on game nights. Preds’ fan Steve Probst says he's  even noticed a lot more gold around his office.

“You know it used to be that I would be the only one coming in on Fridays or various days during the week in a Preds’ jersey or Preds’ shirt at work," said Probst.  "Now it’s become more prevalent.”

But gold has not always been the Predators' primary color. The team’s CEO Jeff Cogen says several years ago when the decision was made by the team's chairman to switch from blue to gold, he initially wasn’t a big fan of the change. 

“It turned out to be the greatest single thing that we’ve done," said Cogen.  

Cogen says gold works for the Predators for much the same reason orange works for the University of Tennessee. Those two colors stand out because they are not normally found in an everyday wardrobe.

“We own gold. Tennessee owns orange," said Cogen.  "We didn’t own blue."

The Predators’ hope an arena filled with gold-clad supporters tonight will help them keep their season alive. They trail their best-of-7 opening round series with the Blackhawks 3-1.  Game 5 begins at 8:30 p.m. Thursday at Bridgestone Arena.