More Tennessee Students Than Ever Are Taking AP Tests | Nashville Public Radio

More Tennessee Students Than Ever Are Taking AP Tests

Aug 22, 2017

Never have so many Tennessee students taken Advanced Placement exams. And they're getting more college credit than ever before too.

State education officials say more than 29,000 students took AP exams this year, which was a record high. And more than 16,000 scored well enough to get some college credit. The number of credit hours is up by 54 percent from five years ago, according to figures released Tuesday.

AP exams are seen as a benchmark for how much schools are pushing their top students. The state has been encouraging schools to add courses in recent years, in part as a way to give a jumpstart on college. 

"These results show that more Tennessee students are becoming better equipped for their next step after high school," Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said in a statement. "The more that students can take rigorous courses in high school, the better prepared they will be when they enter postsecondary."

Williamson County had more students taking AP exams than any other district, representing one out of every six students in the state. Marshall County had the biggest jump in participation, with the number of high schoolers taking at least one AP exam tripling this year.