Gun Shows Banned From Nashville Fairgrounds Until They Accept More Gun Control Measures

Dec 1, 2015

This weekend’s gun show at the Nashville Fairgrounds will be the final one held there until further notice. 

The Board of Fair commissioners voted Tuesday morning to cancel future shows until new rules for gun sales are in place. 

After hearing three examples of illegal gun sales at fairgrounds shows, chairman Ned Horton says current safeguards just aren’t enough. 

“We want to make sure the promoters here are properly vetted, their procedures are properly vetted and what is our role in making sure those shows are a hundred-percent legal,” said Horton.

The board’s vote was 3-0 with one abstention. 

Gun shows have been held at the Metro-owned fairgrounds for more than three decades.  The operator of Bill Goodman’s Gun and Knife Show tells the Tennessean his company will appeal the decision and he foresees the NRA becoming involved.