Flash Flooding Prompts Water Rescues And Leaves Property Damage In Sumner County | Nashville Public Radio

Flash Flooding Prompts Water Rescues And Leaves Property Damage In Sumner County

May 19, 2017

Drivers were left stranded, mobile homes were swept off their foundations and numerous other property owners suffered damage after flash flooding swept through parts of Sumner County early Friday morning.

Early reports say as much as 7 inches of rain fell in under two hours, causing roadways to become rivers. The rainfall hit just as rush hour was beginning, surprising motorists and trapping three school buses. Rescuers reached the children with rafts and took them to safety.

Some of the heaviest flooding was around Station Camp High School and Middle School. Sumner County officials did not cancel school after being told water would recede before time for dismissal.

The flooding already appeared to have peaked by noon. Mike Sisk, a Nashville firefighter who lives in the Stone Creek subdivision, was cleaning after water reached the top step of his garage.

Sisk said it was the second time in a year that floodwater from Station Camp Creek had reached his home.

Mike Sisk clears floodwater from his garage as a swollen Station Camp Creek flows by.
Credit Chas Sisk / WPLN

"Me and my wife are going to do a little bit of soul-searching," he said. "We're going to decide if we're going to stay down here. But we love, love this location. We love our house."

At another house a few streets over, Marti Flippen was surveying the receding creek. She said little rain fell on her neighborhood, but it's downstream of places that did.

"The water was back-flowing out of the creek, and then it started coming up out of the sewers," she said. "It just kept coming."