Curious Nashville: So How Much Rain Does Nashville Get In A Year?

Sep 1, 2017

WPLN listener Daniel Wooden asks Curious Nashville

"Is it true that Nashville gets more rain annually than Seattle, Washington?"

The answers is pretty straightforward: yes.


The horror of Hurricane Harvey made us take another look at this question, given that parts of Houston have already had more rain than Nashville gets in a whole year and way more than Seattle.

In fact, much of the South gets more precipitation than drizzly Seattle, where rain gauges collect a mere 37 inches a year. Nashville soaks up 47 inches on average, according to U.S. climate data. Memphis is even wetter.

Perhaps you could say in a place like Tennessee, when it rains, it pours. And in Seattle, when it rains, it really sprinkles.

Where Seattle tops Nashville is on the number of rainy days per year with 147 compared to 119.

Nashville is also a little more consistent with its rainfall than Seattle, which has an obvious dry season.

May is the wettest month in Nashville and June is far from the dryest.

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