Another Tennessee Farm Tests Positive For Avian Flu, Though A Less Serious Strain

Mar 9, 2017

A poultry farm in Giles County has tested positive for bird flu. The facility was going through routine testing this week which revealed a low pathogenic strain, believed to be unrelated to last weekend’s outbreak in Lincoln County.

State veterinarian Charles Hatcher says the two cases don't seem to be related, and the latest situation is less serious. But they still put the premises under quarantine.

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"In this particular situation, the company chose in an abundance of caution to depopulate this flock," he says. "This flock has been depopulated, and they have been buried."

No other flocks have tested positive for avian influenza. The testing in Lincoln County has also continued to be negative after a farm killed off 74,000 birds.

The high pathogenic bird flu outbreak last weekend was the first in the United States in more than a year.