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91Classical Radio Fest: Listeners' Choice

Sep 8, 2017

In between the hourly live performances, 91Classical Radio Fest is celebrating the music that means a lot to our listeners. We asked our audience to call in and tell us about particular pieces that are special — and why. We've also been interviewing people in our community on that topic for a podcast that's currently in development. Throughout the day, we'll be sharing the comments we received and playing the music that inspired them.

Airing in the 9:00 hour:

Blair School of Music Dean Mark Wait tells us us what he finds special about Robert Schumann’s Second Piano Sonata.


A listener named Markham called in to tell us about how one piece opened up the world of classical music for him--and how a milestone moment in his life cemented it as a favorite.

Airing in the 10:00 hour:

Lanny told us he’s been listening to classical music on the radio for decades (note what’s playing in the background of his message). That’s how he discovered the musical selection that’s most special to him.

Airing in the 11:00 hour:

Conductor Kelly Corcoran explained why she’s particularly drawn to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

Airing in the 12:00 hour:

A listener named Cody got to know the music of Enesco during his time playing in an orchestra in college.


Airing in the 1:00 hour:

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with MTSU vocal jazz professor (also a former member of Take 6) Cedric Dent about the first time he heard the African-American composer George Walker’s Lyric for Strings.

Airing in the 2:00 hour:

One listener called to let us know about a piece of music that first made her sit up and listen in a movie theater when everyone else was leaving to go home. Her name is Christy.

Airing in the 3:00 hour:

Marion expressed that she has a deep fondness for the music of Cesar Frank because of a very special memory.

Airing in the 4:00 hour:

Childhood music lessons are often the entry point to appreciating classical music. When we asked our audience to share their favorite selections, Mark told us he remains partial to the instrument--and a specific piece--he learned to play years ago.

Airing in the 5:00 hour:

Carlene is drawn in by the imagery that Vaughn Williams evokes in one of his best-loved pieces.

Airing in the 6:00 hour:

One of our messages came from a listener who gets to enjoy classical performances as a volunteer at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. This is what Wolfgang had to say.