91Classical Radio Fest: Celebrating Music City's Classical Community

Sep 8, 2017

Nashville Public Radio's first-ever broadcast-only music festival is highlighting Nashville's classical music-makers all day today. Tune in for live performances at the start of every hour, and keep listening between those sets to hear recordings by talented Midstate soloists and ensembles. Here's a rundown of who you can expect to hear today in Studio C:

In the 9:00 hour:

In the 10:00 hour:

In the 11:00 hour:

In the 12:00 hour:

  • LIVE: Patricia Halbeck and Jan Carrothers, piano four hands
  • Recordings: guitarist Jonathan Sargent; trumpter Joel Treybig and organist Andrew Risinger

In the 1:00 hour:

In the 2:00 hour:

In the 3:00 hour:

In the 4:00 hour:

  • LIVE: Early Music City
  • Recordings: MTSU Wind Ensemble, organist Wilma Jensen

In the 5:00 hour:

  • LIVE: pianist Robert Marler
  • Recording: Blair String Quartet, pianist Enid Katahn